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SR official’s music video to premier tomorrow

Cachar is the home to wonders and also many underrated, unappreciated, blossoming talents who are potentially no less than the talents found over the greater rest. One such instance is of Subhankar Roy, an aspiring artist and music enthusiast who took up to the idea of making a music video with the involvement of 18 artists (inclusive of himself).

The following is the in-text interview segment with Subhankar:

  1. How did the idea for the music video come into your mind?

Actually, during the lockdown period, I am trying to do as many videos as I can because there is no work to do at home. It has been my dream to do a collab with different artists, so now that I have learnt to edit a bit, I thought of making a beautiful video with all.

  1. What was your main objective behind the idea?

The primary objective was to make a beautiful music video for all the music lovers out there which in addition would also result in growth of my page SR_Official.

  1. How many artists are included in the music video and did you contact them?

Excluding me, there are 17 artists out of which maximum are my friends so contacting them wasn’t very difficult. Some of them are also my relatives and they agreed to the idea as soon as I told them.

  1. Can you mention a few artists involved ?

The five musicians of the project include Prantik Dey, Rohan Dey, Tonmoy Paul, Debayan Dey and Dhrubojyoti Roy. They were the backbones of this video. Also most importantly, a special mention would be Prantik, who mixed and mastered the song in his studio namely ‘Sound Kitchen Studio’.

  1. What were the difficulties that you came accross in the process?

There were not much difficulties while making the music video since everyone did their part in a pretty good way. It’s just that you need patience to do such a big project like that while simultaneously keeping in mind the ongoing situation of pandemic outside.

  1. Since when have you been thinking about it?

It was on 3rd of June when I thought I can do a project like this. I called Dhrubojyoti who played keyboard in this video, he then liked the idea and immediately started to work on it.

  1. When is the music video being released?

It will be released tomorrow i.e. 21st June, 2020 on the occasion of World Music Day.

  1. How long did it take to make it ?

It took over 18 days to complete the video. While concerning the number of days, 18 was a big number for me because I have never worked so long for a single music video before.

  1. What are the basic few details about it that you want the public to know?

It is going to be released tomorrow. It’s basically a semi-classical song with 13 different voices and 5 instrument players. It took a lot of hardwork in completing the video, I hope everyone likes the video and shares it if they like the same.

Cachar Chronicles convey their best wishes to Subhankar and his team for the music video and also for their upcoming projects. We heartily hope that everyone likes their video, wishing them a bright future ahead.

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