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Barak’s Status in Assam

When I say something about Barak Valley the rich cultural heritage pops up into everyone’s mind. But I am very disappointed to say that this Barak Valley which has been an integral part of Assam has faced heinous discrimination from the time of inception, Assam and Barak Valley this may sound odd but are in different time zones, Rest of the part of Assam is in such a time zone that it has already undergone some major developmental changes, Some may find this post-political but we’ve seen that it’s not about parties or politics, in every sense Barak Valley has been ignored from time to time, Guwahati, the capital of Assam can be one of the 100 smartest cities of India, but Silchar, which is the second-largest town of Assam doesn’t have a proper drainage system. If I say rationally then somewhere deep down inside we’re also a little bit responsible for our misery, Political leaders came and went, Promises made and not fulfilled but we seem to take things casually.
In 2003 then MP Silchar and former Union Minister Late Shri Santosh Mohan Dev in an interview with a reputed newspaper said that Silchar will get a new flyover connecting two parts of the city which will ease transportation and traffic congestion, 2013 marked 10 years of that Interview but we didn’t see 10 bricks lining up, Then came 2009 Loksabha Elections Kavindra Purkayatha won the elections defeating Santosh Mohan Dev, the results of the elections may be different but the fate remained same for the people of Barak Valley,Then came 2014 Loksabha elections, people hoped that the BJP government led by Narendra Modi may make a big difference, though Sushmita Dev became MP Silchar from Indian National Congress defeating Kavindra Purkayatha( BJP) but misery was not defeated , actually to be honest a little bit of work was done which directly came for the central ministry, we got our Broad Gauge railway line after waiting for almost half a generation, when the country was preparing for Bullet train, never mind better late then never, In 2016 in Assam Assembly Election people trusted their votes with the Govt led by Sarbananda Sonowal, and we actually thought their will be some kind of change, though we were gifted with ‘Namami Barak’ but when we look back now this didn’t make any difference, In 2019 again people showed their trust in Dr. Rajdeep Roy (BJP) current MP Silchar, but till now we have only seen or listened to ‘Promises’ The flyover which was suppose to ease human lives is still a dream, Healthcare facilities are miserable, Now some people may claim that now we have better facilities then one year earlier, but at what cost? How many lives were lost just to get a Cardiologist on a ‘tour’ basis? And how many lives it will take to get a permanent one?

These questions are our basic rights, be vocal because we can bring change together!

Assembly elections are knocking, Chooses your representative wisely, Because your one vote may change everyone’s future.

Hrijoy Das Kanungo, Editor-in-Chief(Cachar Chronicles)