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16 year old ended his life for not being able to attend Online Classes.

A young student of 16 was in a state of utter dismay on account of not having a smart phone necessarily required for attending online classes provided by his school. In the midst of this mental turmoil and the end number of hurdles coming his way, a devastating occurance unveiled his death near his house in Chirang district of Assam dating June 23rd.

If reports are to be considered, the boy was a student of 10th standard and descended from an impoverished background. He was in a state of constant difficulty and trouble as he didn’t find himself in a position to attend online classes and examinations conducted by the school due to unstable financial conditions and unavailability of smart phone.

While speaking to the media persons, Police superintendent of Chirang, Sudhakar Singh predominantly stated about the unhealthy financial conditions of his family. His mother had to go Bangalore in search of a job for sustaining her family as his father remained unemployed. Due to such adversities, his necessity for a smart phone even for educational purposes couldn’t be met by his father. Sudhakar Singh further added that after having a proper session of interrogation with his neighbours and others students close to him, his mental frustrated came to light. Apparently he was fed up of the extreme hurdles that situations brought to him and decided to end his life thinking it could be the only way to escape the pain. The body of the boy is however sent for post mortem for formalities and further investigations.

The government as well as private schools have been continuing to avail online classes as well as tests since the month of March. While this proved to be beneficial for the greater population, this still remains to be a matter of stress and uncertainty for a minority unprivileged.

In present situation of the international crisis prevailing over the entire globe, the pendemic of corona virus contagion has left all areas in a state of restricted activity. The restrictions hence followed are diversified in a spectrum of ranges covering almost all grounds. The educational sector of India inclusive of the other countries doesn’t remain free from the restrictions and hence the regular classes in person are now transformed into virtual classes carried through online platform. While the internet along with the advanced technologies of the generation have turned tables and contributed immensely in carrying out favorable life styles to the many, many remain on the unfavourable side of it while retrieving no benefits from it.

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