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False rape case: Bombay HC orders woman to deposit Rs. 25,000 to Police Welfare Fund

Bombay Highcourt

Bombay High Court on Tuesday ordered a woman to deposit an amount of Rs.25,000 to Maharashtra Police Welfare Fund. The decision came after a woman filed a false rape case against her boyfriend but later filed a petition saying that she did not wish to pursue the matter anymore further and hence the court struck down the case but with a condition.

A bench led by Justice RD Dhanuka and Justice VG Bisht directed the woman to pay the fine in four weeks or else its order to quash the FIR against the man will stand vacated.

According to the report published in PTI, the woman had registered an FIR against her boyfriend in March 2020 alleging that he drugged and raped her. However, last month the woman approached the Bombay High court seeking to quash the case accusing her elder sister and family pressuring her to file a false rape case.

In her plea, the woman claimed that she was in a relationship with the man, but when her family found out she concocted a false story that he had raped her.

This is not the first time when a woman accused a man of a false rape case. According to a 2014 report submitted by the Delhi Commission for Women 53% of the reported rape cases during the year, 2012-13 were found to be fake. In 2013, Justice Sadhana Jadhav said that women if a woman lodges a false complaint of rape, then she should be prosecuted.

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