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WARRIORS NEVER REST: The encouraging tale of two frontline workers Dr Divakar Palit and Dr Dawipayan Deb

There is a famous saying ‘Warriors never Sleep’. During world war 2, the German forces marched towards other European countries with astonishing speed. They passed days and weeks without sleeping or even taking rest and eventually won many Countries on their way.

But that was the 40s and the time was different then. Today the Warriors aren’t marching to snatch lives but to save one. Today the war is different and so the warriors and the warriors are Doctors, Nurses, Ambulance drivers, sweepers and many such other benevolent people who are battling a common enemy ‘The Corona Virus’. And they too aren’t in a mood to take rest until they drag the Virus out of the Human lives.

Till now millions of people around the world and India have fallen prey to the virus that includes many doctors as well. The grasp of the virus didn’t spare a few doctors of our beloved Silchar too.

Two such Doctors or we say warriors are Dr Dawipayan Deb and Dr Divakar Palit. But why are they so special and why should we read their stories?

Dr Divakar Palit and Dr Dawipayan Deb

Dr Divakar and Dr Dawipayan both tested positive for COVID on 28th and 29th July respectively and subsequently were transferred into the COVID Ward of Silchar Medical College and Hospital.

But a soldier is never off duty. A doctor is a doctor even if he has to share beds with patients he can never remove himself from the duty of either saving a persons life or helping them out. The same thing was executed by both the young doctors at the COVID ward.

Due to the increasing number of COVID positive cases every day at Silchar and its adjoining towns and districts a huge plethora of patients are admitted at the COVID ward which has eventually created a havoc of problems for the SMCH administration.

Due to the lack of a sufficient amount of staff in the ward many patients creates an environment of recklessness. We all have seen viral videos of people ranting over the poor management of the SMCH admins on Facebook.

For Dr Dawipayan and Dr Divakar, two options arrived. Either fall prey to such prejudice or do something about it. They ultimately choose the latter one. Because you can take away a doctor’s apron but not the doctor inside him.

Talking to Cachar Chronicles Dr Dawipayan said that due to lack of adequate staff members the food distribution process takes a lot of time. It is because there are a lot of wards, sections, cabins, beds and patients that in due time wearing PPE kits (Personal protective equipment) and distributing food all at once become very tiresome. Hence it takes a lot of time which make the patients reckless.

So immediately after getting admitted in the COVID ward Dr Dawipayan along with Dr Divakar volunteered themselves to help the staff distribute foods and other important requirements to COVID positive patients. Dr Dawipayan informed that though he has tested positive for COVID he still doesn’t have any symptoms. So, taking such a huge risk of contacting positive patients on a daily basis is a job that only a sheer person of their level can do and this is why maybe people consider doctors as next to the GOD.

Cachar Chronicles salutes Dr Divakar Palit and Dr Dawipayan Deb for their humanitarian work and pray for their speedy recovery.

Some glimpse of them volunteering and distributing food to COVID Patients.

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