Home News Cachar Udharbond residents to protest if authorities do not solve water crisis problems

Udharbond residents to protest if authorities do not solve water crisis problems

They say water is the world’s first and foremost medicine, but the residents of Udharbond town have been denied the continuous supply of this universal medicine for a long time now. For the inhabitants of Udharbond town in Cachar district, it has now been around eight to nine months that they are facing the crisis of irregular water supply. The furious citizens now have decided to take the responsibility of making the authorities aware of this prime issue on their part by warning them of staging protests against the water emergency.

“Water is not provided regularly because of which people are facing a lot of trouble. The water which is supplied, is dirty and unfit for drinking”, one of the locals exclaimed with rage.

Karuna Shankar Trivedi, Rinku Paul, Najma Begum, Bharati Roy and Brojogopal Roy, including many other residents, complained against irregular supply of drinking water and alleged that, “Even though we had brought the matter to the attention of the Udharbond Gaon Panchayat, Water Supply and Sanitation Committee, no step was taken regarding the matter”.

The natives also talked about the ignorant behaviour of the authorities. “Whenever we approach the committee members, they suggest us to collect water from a river in the area, instead of taking necessary measures to resolve the problem of water crisis. This has resulted in immense fury among the people of udharbond”, stated an annoyed resident.

People, living there, have communicated their displeasure over the role and duty of Public Health Engineering Department, as they continue paying nearly zero attention to their repeated requests and prayers. Their only demand from the officials is to be responsible towards them and resolve the problem for irregular water supply at Udharbond.

The members of the Sanitation Committee or the Public Health Engineering (PHE) department have not responded yet and have remained silent with no comments on the event and the complications faced by the locals.