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Two SMCH Students reported to be beaten up by CISF Personnel, Students demand Justice

Two final year MBBS students of Silchar Medical College were allegedly ambushed by a CISF Jawan, while on their way back to SMCH Students’ Hostels on Monday (29th June, 2020).

At around 12:30 in the afternoon, Mohammad Abdul Sattar, President of SMC Students Union and Abdul Kadir Laskar, a final year MBBS Student of Silchar Medical College, were returning back to their hostels for an urgent hostel meeting. Both of them, along with many other final year students of SMC, were posted for COVID-19 Screening, the meeting was held for the same purpose. The duo took an alternate route which goes through the campus and was blocked by the Police Department for commoners, but was open to medical staffs with the condition that they must show valid ID Cards. On reaching the junction point where the road was blocked, they were denied entry according to Sattar, who says that the police were of the opinion that they have no instructions to allow any relaxation to any medical staff regarding entry into the road. Sattar adds that they were asked to contact the Incharge for further details.

“I called the Incharge of Ghungoor Outpost accordingly, and at that very moment, a CISF Personnel attacked me from behind. The attack was intended towards the hand with which I was holding my cellphone, consequently, my hand got a fracture. A group of 2-3 police personnel started beating us with sticks and buttstock of rifles. We hurriedly rushed towards the hostels on our bikes. By the time we reached our hostel, the police officials were informed and accordingly, they reached the spot where the incident had taken place,” said Sattar.

Kadir adds,”Soon after informing the hostel residents, we started for the Principal Office. We were stopped on our way by the Sub Inspector of the area, S. N. Paul, who tried to interrogate us and accused us of ill behaving with the police officials and breaking chairs.”

Sattar continues,”When we reached the Principal Office, our statements were considered. The statements of the Police Officials were considered too. To our surprise, the Police Officials changed their statements and instead of accusing us of breaking chairs, they accused us of attacking the Police Officials, and consequently, as a necessary step towards self defense, they had to charge us.” According to the students, they were on bikes, completely devoid of any sort of weapons, consequently, they would not attack a troop of Police Personal, equipped with heavy weapons like Rifles and Sticks.

According to Sattar, the College Authorities asked the Police Officials to apologise in front of the ambushed students on which the CISF Jawans denied to perform any such apological gesture. Sattar says,”The Sub Inspector, S. N. Paul tried to convince us that those CISF Personnels do not tend to undesrtand anything and do not follow Laws, thus, trying to make them understand is of no use, and requested us that since we are educated enough, we should stop bothering about the matter and move on.” Sattar puts up a question in front of the Police Department that if these people do not understand basic laws, then are the medical staffs supposed to pay for it?

Sattar and Kadir demand an apology from the CISF Personnels for such an act and demands an assurance from the Police Department that such acts will not be repeated with the medical staffs in the future. Sattar and Kadir appeals to the masses that, in this period of pandemic, when the whole medical department is on the front line to fight the battle out against this cruel virus, they want justice for what happened to them. According to sources, students are planning about exhibiting mass protests and lodging FIRs if proper actions are not taken.

Former General Secretary, Junior Doctor Association, SMC and Former General Secretary, SMCSU, Dr. Dawipayan Deb, in a conversation with Cachar Chronicles, says,”According to me, police brutality of any kind should be stopped immediately. Nobody has the right to beat up citizens in the name of law and order. Those students had left their homes as they were called as a back up for COVID-19. Is this the way you treat your COVID Warriors? Strict actions should be taken and immediate suspension of the on-duty CISF personnel should be ensured by the Cachar Police.”

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