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“Thousand Sayantans” visits MoS, Health and Family Welfare to discuss about poor health infrastructure in Barak Valley

Thousand Sayantans, an organisation in Silchar which has been actively working for the cause of improvement of infrastructure in Silchar Medical College and Hospital, visited Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare on Thursday (27th August, 2020), and held a discussion regarding various deficiencies in the infrastructure of Silchar Medical College & Hospital (SMCH).

According to the organisation, MoS, Health and Family Welfare, Pijush Hazarika agreed to the demands of the organisation regarding the initiation of Angioplasty facility in Silchar Medical College & Hospital (SMCH) by coming October. The organisation further stated that the minister has also given his consent for the materialization of the Detailed Project Report (DPR), prepared by SMCH Team.

“We also had a conversation regarding shortage of beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Silchar Medical College & Hospital (SMCH), to which he gave his firm commitment that 40 ICU beds shall be newly introduced within twelve (12) days in Silchar Medical College & Hospital (SMCH)”, the organisation informed.

The organisation submitted a letter to the minister with subjects enlisted as follows:-

  1. Materialization of full-fleged Angioplasty treatment facility in SMCH by October 2020.
  2. Materialization of full-fleged Neurosurgical treatment facility in SMCH soon.
  3. Appointment of permanent Cardiologist, Cardio-surgeon, Neurologist, Neuro-surgeon, Nephrologists in SMCH soon.
  4. Meet up of all deficiencies and upgrade all treatment facilities and services in SMCH is solicited.
  5. Materialization of DPR (upgradation of SMCH) prepared by SMCH Team (sent to Government in this February) and upgrade SMCH at per GMCH before this Puja (October).

The copy of the letter is attached below:-

The organisation further stated, “Mr. Hazarika intends to devote himself whole-heartedly for the people of Barak Valley and urged the recovered COVID-19 patients to voluntarily come forward and donate plasma for the overall welfare of the society.” The organisation further added, “Only then humanity and mankind can survive through these tough times.”

“Thousand Sayantans” is a group which was formed by the friends and well-wishers of Sayantan Chakraborty. Sayantan was a young man of Silchar who passed away due to the lack of health infrastructure in the valley. Sayantan was suffering from acute chest pain on the night of Navami during Durga Puja of 2019. When he was taken to Civil Hospital, the doctor asserted that Sayantan is alright and will become normal soon, but when the pain persisted for a long time, Sayantan was taken to Silchar Medical College & Hospital where the doctor informed that Sayantan cannot be treated in SMCH because there is no angioplasty facility, not even in any other private hospital in the whole Barak Valley. Consequently, it was decided to take Sayantan to Shillong, and unfortunately, the journey to Shillong became his journey to the ultimate abode of this universe. Sayantan passed away, but became a reason of development of the medical infrastructure in this valley.