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Team Ek Prayaas distributes foods and kitchen utilities to daily wagers at Srikona

Silchar based social service organization Ek Prayaas on Sunday (1-11-2020) distributed few ready to use kitchen utensils and foods items like rice, cooking oil,  packets of biscuits, soybean etc to many needy and daily wagers dwelling at Srikona, Silchar.

The voluntary distribution of food items and kitchen utensils like steel plates, mugs etc. was done under the leadership of president Akash Nath.

Talking to Cachar Chronicles Mr Akash said many organization or philanthropist serve cooked foods to the needy. But there are still many families or extremely poor daily wagers who aren’t even in the possession of many kitchen utilities. Therefore, we tried to distribute such items as much as possible to people who were really in need with whatever resources we had”.

The members present in the event were Sneha paul, Moyushree dey, Sushmita Nath, Ananta Ray,Abhishek chakravorty, Sujoy Dutta  and president Akash Nath.

Ek Prayaas was established in August 2020 and since then this young volunteer organization has been involved in various Philanthropic Activities like distribution of cooked food packages across various parts of the city in the night to poor street dwellers, cloth donation drive on the event of Gadhi Jayanti and feeding street dogs etc.

“It is a very new organization and compromises of mostly young people aged 16 to 21. But the Josh is very high with the motive of serving the people for a better cause”, says Sneha Deb, Secretary and founder of Ek Prayaas.