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Silchar Boy Debanjan aka Deathmaker in conversation with Cachar Chronicles

Debanjan Das aka Deathmaker, a CS GO player from Silchar, currently living in Mumbai, was recently selected in a team of Singapore for 7 days, on a loan basis, to represent the team in an international CS GO Tournament. Swagatam Roy, the managing editor of Cachar Chronicles, interacted with him. The interaction is being presented in the form of an interview below.

Q. So basically you are from Silchar, but presently where are you living?
A. Yes, basically I am from Silchar. As of now, I am living in Mumbai. I am playing for a team whose name is Global Esports. We have our bootcamp in Mumbai.

Q. Can you please explain, what do you exactly mean by the term ‘Bootcamp’, and has it got anything to do with the drop location ‘Bootcamp’ that we get to see in the Sanhok map of PUBG Mobile?
A. Bootcamp is a place where we have our systems (PCs) plugged in. The whole team assembles there to play serious games. In addition to that, we reside there too. Coming to your next question, the term ‘Bootcamp’ has got nothing to do with PUBG Mobile’s bootcamp; as a matter of fact, it is a term which was introduced back in 2014.

Q. Can you please brief us about your gaming journey, with special reference to the game you started with and then how you went on to become the ‘DEATHMAKER’, we are proud of?
A. I started playing games back in 2005, in my uncle’s computer cafe. The game was Road Rush. My Grandfather used to take me there during the morning before the school. I started playing Counterstrike when I was in class 2 or 3, the year was 2008. During those days, gamers had no opportunity in Northeast, there was a single event in Silchar, where we could portray ourselves as Gamers. NIT Silchar used to host it. Till 2010, that was the only official tournament I used to play. In 2011, I went for my first out-station event in Tezpur University. I was in class 6, consequently my family didn’t want me to participate, but my Grandfather stood up and took me there. Those events were not known to my family back then, they used to think that gaming is a “gamble”, which made it even more important for me to visit Tezpur University and win a certificate in my name, so as to make my family understand that it’s not a “gamble”, rather it’s official. There were top national teams from cities like Kolkata, we secured the runners up position, losing to the team from Kolkata in the finale. My family was yet not satisfied, and that was justified as the field of gaming wasn’t yet established in Northeast. Then I went on to win 30 events in a row in different college fests of Northeast. The turning point was when I dropped out from formal education after Class 10th. I received an offer from a team from Kolkata, the name of the team was JMD Gaming. I had two options to choose from, either choosing to stay in Silchar and continue with formal education or accepting the offer and leave for Kolkata, making gaming a profession. I chose the latter. That was the time when struggling became a big hurdle, the room where I used to stay in Kolkata, neither had a fan, nor a bed. I played for the team for 2 years and gradually started grabing attention of big teams.

Q. PUBG Mobile is now the trend, CS GO isn’t to be honest, what do you think is the reason behind this?
A. To play CS GO, you must have a strong PC or Laptop, basically a system. It costs you a lot. In the contrary, PUBG Mobile can be played even in a mobile of around Rs. 13,000 now-a-days. This is one the prime reasons of PUBG Mobile having a better viwers base. Something that I want to mention here is that those who do not follow the Gaming Community closely, they have this misconception that PUBG Mobile is the single game that exists, but that’s not exactly the case, CS GO has a secured fan base too.

Q. Are you into live-streaming or do you have any future plan regarding this?
A. I do stream, but that’s only when I stay in my Bootcamp. I have my best PC there, and have got a complete setup which helps me in streaming. But to be very honest, streaming isn’t my priority, playing for my team is.

Q. What is your role in your team in CS GO?
A. Basically, I act as a entry-fragger, somebody who creates space for the team to enter into a particular location, or in general, somebody who makes way for the team. The fundamental skills that you must have as a entry-fragger is 70% raw aim and 30% game dynamics. For reference, the in-game leader has an exact opposite combination, he needs 40% raw aim and 60% game dynamics.

Q. Is life in gaming secured?
A. That’s an interesting question. See, gaming is a field where there is no specific retirement age. It doesn’t need intense physical involvement. You can continue being a gamer even when you are in your 50s. You just need to ensure that you have good reflexes in your fingers. Coming to financial aspects, there are several tournaments organised in India. Infact, India is the largest hub for gaming tournaments among all the countries in South Asia. The prize pools are massive too. In addition to that, we recieve salaries from the organisation or the teams that hire us, moreover, expenses of fooding, lodging, and travelling are provided by the organisation itself. Besides, we get several vacations every year and the flight fare for that is paid by the organisation again.

Q. Convincing parents to go into such unconventional professions is a big challenge. What would be your suggestion in such a circumstance?
A. It is very important that you show your parents, the reality of the field, you are heading towards. You need to explain them what exactly this profession has to offer. In addition to that, you always need to show them evidences that you are having the abilities to flourish in this field. Coming to the field of gaming, you need to show your parents the grandeur of the events that are organised. You need to win many of them to prove yourself as somebody who deserves to be in this field. Besides, many companies are coming into the e-sports circuit now-a-days, which will ensure more financial influx.

We wish Deathmaker an even brighter future ahead. May he become an example for all the aspiring gamers in and around Barak Valley.

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