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Patients in SMCH test negative for COVID-19 but show clinical features of the disease in chest CT-Scan

Three patients including two doctors were diagnosed with clinical symptoms of Pneumonia, similar to COVID-19, inspite of being tested negative twice in the RT-PCR tests in Silchar Medical College and Hospital (SMCH). The patients went through CT-Scans, after which, the above mentioned medical condition was detected.

Dr. Bhaskar Gupta, the Vice Principal of Silchar Medical College and Hospital (SMCH) stated, “The three patients had earlier undergone two rounds of RT-PCR Tests, and they tested negative for COVID-19 on both the occasions. However, when the patients showed clinical symptoms, they were taken for a CT-Scan of their chests, and the radiological findings pointed towards symptoms of pneumonia, which are similar to the features of COVID-19.” Dr. Gupta further added, “The patients belong to the age group of 30-50 years and they will be treated at Silchar Medical College and Hospital.”

“If the RT-PCR tests yield a negative result, and yet the patient is found to have clinical symptoms, it is always better to make the patient go through a CT-Scan, to get confirmed regarding the virus”, Dr. Gupta asserted.

Dr. Gupta further informed, “Although the hospital has registered a total number of 42 COVID-19 casualties out of the 108 deaths at the hospital till now, it has witnessed a situation of consolation today as no deaths were reported in the last 24 hours.”