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No Cardiologists in Silchar Medical College and Hospital

Several organisations of Silchar took up to the issue of health facilities being provided at Silchar Medical College and Hospital (SMCH) significantly highlighting the absence of a doctor in the cardiology department still counting to the day.

The organisations are majorly instigated and offended by the negligence of other authorities in charge of the subject towards SMCH. Sources claim that the authorities at SMCH had previously finalised on the selection of a doctor for the said department and had also sent the necessary files and documents to Dispur, for the appointment of the doctor, months back preceding to the month of March. Even after months of patience, SMCH didn’t receive any affirmative response from the authorities at the appex level and the appointment remained yet unplaced due to alleged red tape.

The absence of a designated cardiologist in the department, a number of patients had to suffer in ways innumerable over a prolonged period. Due to the unavailability of proper treatment in the said sector, many patients had to lose their lives, dying a premature death. In view of the period of need, the requirement of the situation demanded the urgent recruitment of a doctor in the said department. Attempting for the same, the authorities of SMCH took initiative on appointing a specialist cardiologist Dr. Rakesh P. Gopal who formerly worked with Chennai Apollo Hospitals.

The public demands, requirements and necessities are to be sanctioned and implemented by the higher bodies in charge especially in hours dire need. The ongoing situation over the world doesn’t remain near favorable on account of the pendemi which demands all segments of the country to be treated with equal attention. On a mentionable note Barak Valley remains with only one Medical College Hospital (i.e. SMCH) standing as the major treatment centre for the entire Valley which makes the availability of proper treatment and health facilities in the hospital a necessary requirement.

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