The COVID-19 cases are increasing by leaps and bounds in the Cachar district and all the strategies executed by the administration to flatten the COVID curve is not showing any effective results.

So on 21st July 2020, the National Health Mission (NHM), Cachar has passed an order for the people attending Silchar Medical College and Hospital for swab sample testing.

The NHM, Cachar in its order has mentioned that as many people are identified as COVID positive during their swab sample test at SMCH. One cannot avoid the fact that these people travel all the way from their respective home to the SMCH and hence there is a high chance of contamination with a fellow person.

So, in order to minimize the scope of infection and to increase the accessibility of screening centre, the administration has notified many govt. institutions as a centre at the block level.

Following Govt. Institutions have been notified as a testing centre at the block level.

SL. NO.Name of the CentreBPHC
1Harina MPHCSonai
2Digorkhal MPHCJalalpur
3Thaligram MPHCUdarbond
4Diger Fulertal SHCLakhipur
5Dharmikhal MPHCDholai
6Ram Chandra Barman Public H.S. School, Joypur, RajabazarHarinagar
7Shibtilla MPHCBikrampur
8Rajnagar MPHCBhorkhola

The administration has ordered the testing centres to follow some important guidelines to run as a proper screening centres –

  1. There must be a separate sitting area and swab collection area in the screening centres.
  2. The person giving the sample will wait in the sitting area until the test result is declared within a period of one hour.
  3. If the test result is found to be positive the patient will be immediately transferred into a COVID hospital or CCC depending upon the medical condition of the patient and his/her home will be converted to a containment zone.
  4. If the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) is found to be negative than the swab sample of the person will be sent to the RT-PCR testing and the person will remain in strict home quarantine till the RT-PCR test result is declared.
  5. The screening time will be from 11 AM-2 PM every day.
  6. The swab sample of a suspected case referred by the Govt. Hospitals and suspected SARI/ILI case will be considered in the screening centres.
  7. The LT and MO will be deployed by SDM&HO ic BPCH with approval from Jt. DHS Cachar.
  8. The proper arrangement of cleaning of the sample collection site etc. to be arranged by SDM & HO ic BPCH as per COVID protocol.
  9. At the district level, CM&HO (CD), Cachar cell no. 9435172512 and DCM, NHM, Cachar, cell no. 9435231041 will monitor and co-ordinate with BPCH, Silchar Medical College and Hospital and District authorities.

The COVID cases are increasing rapidly and there is a total of 892 cases in the Cachar district alone. So it has been advised by the District Administration to maintain proper social distancing and wear a mask every time one goes out in the public.

The official notification by the NHM, Cachar is attached below:

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