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New Containment Zone in Silchar’s Bholagiri Ashram Road

The Office of the District Magistrate, Cachar, has announced that the area surrounding the house of Manish Kumar, House no. 29, C/O Tulshi Purkayastha, Bholagiri Ashram Road, Rangirkhari, Silchar, has been declared as a containment zone under the regulations of “The Assam COVID-19 Regulations, 2020”. Consequently, the area within the following geographical boundaries has been sealed:

  • North : Bholagiri Ashram Road
  • South : Sri Ram Sarani
  • East : Building of Sanjay Ghosh
  • West : Building of Prahlad Paul

The decision has been taken in view of the detection of COVID-19 positive cases with the following details:

Sl. No.NameAge (years) / SexPresent Address
1Sanvi Subra15 Months/ FemaleAshram Road, Silchar
2Manish Kumar34 years/ MaleAshram Road, Silchar
3Sudtha Singh34 years/ FemaleAshram Road, Silchar

Restrictions imposed in the mentioned geographical area:

  1. Clear entry and exit points are to be established.
  2. No unauthorized entry and exit of the residents in the contained area will be allowed.
  3. Vehicular movement is to be strictly prohibited.
  4. No movement is to be allowed except for medical emergencies, essential goods and services.
  5. No unchecked influx of population is to be allowed.
  6. People transiting are to be recorded and followed through IDSP.
  7. Stricter enforcement of all statutory directions regarding social distancing.

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