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Information from Cachar Administration about various aspects of COVID-19

Silchar Medical College & Hospital (SMCH) has been held to be the second largest source of plasma donors after Guwahati Medical College & Hospital (GMCH), as on Friday (4th September, 2020). The District Administration of Cachar informed it on their official facebook page and stated, “We credit the tireless efforts of the team of doctors who are constantly motivating public to come and donate.” It further added, “In addition to that, we thank all our donors for truly saving lives.” The Cachar Administration has urged the citizens to come forward and donate plasma.

The Cachar Administration informed that the attendants of COVID-19 patients in SMCH, who are eager to know about the health condition of their kin from a doctor, may contact on +919401230490. According to the administration, this initiative has been taken to ensure smoother communication and more tranparency.

The administration then informed that most of the COVID-19 patients, who succumbed to the disease, reached Silchar Medical College & Hospital in emergency, with no earlier referrals. It further added that the record predominantly includes senior citizens with comorbidities. The administration has urged the citizens to test themselves in time in order to avoid spreading the disease to their loved ones.

In addition, 26 out of 28 wards in the city, have been provided with the facilities of screening centres. Moreover, the administration has set up a portal for the online registration of people, regarding COVID-19 tests. “If you can gather a total of around 30 people in a locality, and report us about the same on the portal, a mobile team will be sent to your place at a time of your convenience”, the administration stated. The administration has requested the apartment associations, colony organisations and residential colony societies, to take the lead in getting their wards tested. The website is “http://Cacharreport.clappia.com

The administration has also shared that fever surveillance is actively going on in all the wards. It urged the citizens to give honest feedbacks for prevention of viral fevers within the community.

Tele medicine helpline for COVID-19 patients under home isolation is active in SMDCH, Silchar. It has been informed that around 150-180 calls are made everyday with a team of only two doctors, who are working hard in inquiring about the health condition of patients. The team is suggesting corrective courses according to the feedback, received from the patients. The Cachar Administration conveys its gratitude to the efforts of the tireless doctors and the team. For clarification on the above mentioned facility, people may contact on +917099248937.

The administration further informed that there have been no casualties reported in Cachar due to COVID-19 in the last 24 hours. It gives credits for this to all the doctors, nurses, ANM/ASHA, technicians, cleaners, drivers and all members of team Cachar, who are fighting against the virus, day in and day out.