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“If I can…you can too” says Ayushman Mukherjee on “PARICHAY” conducted by Leo Club of Silchar Central.

The Leo club of Silchar Central organised a live interactive session under their successful online event, “PARICHAY” on the occasion of National Sports Day, which is celebrated on the birth anniversary of hockey wizard, Dhyan Chand on 29th August every year. “PARICHAY”, an online platform, was brought to life with the aim of introducing the unsung heroes of the town – Silchar, wittnesed Mr. Ayushman Mukerjee as the guest of honour on this segment for the occasion of National Sports Day.

Ayushman, who bagged the Gold medal in International Muay Thai Boxing Championship, that was held in Thailand, is a professional Muay Thai player and hails from Silchar. He entered into quarter-finals and represented India in the world boxing championship for Muay Thai in 2017. He has also won the national championships held in Shillong in 2017 and Kerala in 2019.

The interactive session started with an introduction of the Leo club by Leo Abhishek Chakraborty, who was appointed as the moderator of the event, followed by the short introduction of Mr. Ayushman. The session later saw an interaction between Leo Abhishek and the world champion about his journey, career, training, idea of choosing this form of martial art as his career, his struggle, difference between western boxing and Muay Thai Boxing, and his training during the lockdown. Ayushman also entertained questions from the viewers. He exclaimed with regret that Muay Thai is still an under rated sport in India and stressed that it should be popularised.

When asked about what message he wanted to convey to the youth, he said,”If I can do this, you can too. If I can make a name for myself while having minimum resources, and hailing from such a remote area, anyone can excel in their field of interest.”

The team Leo said, “It was a small effort from our side to spread his story, his hustle to a greater audience so that people can know about him”. They thanked Ayushman for his presence and efforts to answer their questions and the session ended on a positive note with Ayushman stating his key to success -“Believe in yourself and work hard towards achieving your dreams”.

You can watch the complete “PARICHAY” session and get to know Ayushman and his journey by clicking here.