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GC College Students Protest against “unjustified” fee hikes

With the ever increasing COVID -19 pandemic and its social, emotional and economic consequences on the people, especially on the youth and students, the students of Gurucharan College-“recognised as one of the premier institutions in the field of Collegiate education” in Assam, affiliated by Assam University, are facing additional economic trouble.

The students of self financing courses particularly, are in greater dilemma as they have observed a hike in the admission fee. Where the students are completely aware with the fact that they are bound to pay the fee for self financed subjects, they were expecting a decrease in the admission fees but were disappointed as they saw a hike in admission fee.

The CBCS system (Choice Based Credit System) demands students to opt for a GE (General Elective) and an AGE (Additional General Elective) (not compulsory) with an Honors. Considering this pandemic and Assam University and Government waving off the admission fee for fresh batch, the students pursuing degree through CBCS with self financed subjects have requested the principal of GC college Dr. Bibhas Deb to wave off the fee for GE and AGE as they do not come under the jurisdiction of the self financed courses.

Subhasish Choudhury, one of the students pursuing his education from GC college, spoke with the correspondent of Cachar Chronicles. He is unhappy with the increased fee and fee payment for GE and AGE subjects and says, “In our CBCS system, we have Honours paper. Along with that, we have GE (General Elective) and some students also keep one extra AGE (Additional General Elective). In the last two years, speaking from my personal experience, I had to pay Rs. 18000+ for my one academic year. I had Computer Science Honors and Mathematics as GE. I didn’t have any AGE. So my total fee stood at 18000, where I had to pay 12000+ for Computer and 6000 for maths.”

He is also concerned for his juniors and adds, “This year, the govt has waived away the admission fees for Govt Colleges. Obviously, my juniors have to pay 12000 for Computer Science as that happens to be their self-financed subject. But why should they pay 6000-7000 more for their GE or AGE subjects, when their GE or AGE subjects are not self financed. This goes same for Biotechnology. Biotech honors should pay only for Biotech. Why should they pay for their GE or AGE?”

Subhasish has also given his views and expressed his worry on the high admission fee for BBA, demanded by the college.

Some students have already expressed their disapproval and unwillingness to pay the high fee for various economic reasons and have requested the administrative body to consider their grievances, which the principal Dr. Bibhas Deb has heard and has accepted to discuss it with the committee.

However, by the evening, the college administration worked on the demands of the students and reduced the admission fee for Computer science Honors admission from Rs. 19700 to Rs. 13000. In addition to that, the Biotechnology honors admission fee was brought down to Rs. 22000; It was earlier at around Rs. 28000. This was done after considering the fact that the GE and AGE subjects were not self financed. In the contrary, the BBA students were not provided any relaxation or their admission fee was not decreased as they belong to a completely different department and it is fully self financed, without any other non-self-financed subject affiliation.

It should also be mentioned here that, the Silchar wing of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), recently submitted a memorandum to the Principal of Gurucharan College with a similar demand. Rohit Chanda, the Agitation Incharge of ABVP, Silchar informed Cachar Chronicles that they requested the Principal of GC College to wave off the fees of self financed courses as much as possible.

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