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DTO and Cachar police has been instructed to settle the issues of Traffic Jam, Unfair price hike etc.

A meeting was hung on 03-07-2020 led by Hon’ble Deputy Commissioner, Cachar Smti. Keerthi Jalli, IAS, alongside all the individuals and District Transport Officer for the Road safty measure of Cachar. They talked about the issues that were identified with street state of NH-54 between Dholai to Lakhipur. It has also been seen the automobile overload at SMCH Road, Sonai Road which cause traffic jam and illegal parking too which was being discussed in that meeting.

The police and DTO has been instructed to conduct joint drive as often as possible to settle the issues. The issues regarding the relative figure of road accident and fatalities has been discussed and The police and DTO were being instructed to make wide exposure of District Solatium Scheme for ensuring life insurance benefits to the accident victims.

In to be taken under Covid protocols of social distancing, mask wearing were unmistakably commanded to heads of Auto, Taxi, Tuktuki affiliation. Issues on unjustifiable price climb was examined and DTO was told to lead unexpected drives to check hike in pricing. It was settled in the gathering that no mask no ply will be strictly forced by all affiliations.

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