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Celebration of Mahalaya and Biswakarma Puja : Cachar Administration issues order

The District Disaster Management Authority of Cachar, chaired by the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar, Keerthi Jalli, IAS, has issued an order on Tuesday (15th September, 2020), regarding the restrictions, to be imposed in the district, on the occasion of “Mahalaya” and “Biswakarma Puja”. According to the order, the restrictions are being imposed, keeping in view, the “apprehension of rise in the number of COVID-19 cases, in view of unwanted crowds on 17th September, 2020”. The order further explains that it is necessary to “protect the gains, made in the fight against COVID-19 by taking necessary precautionary and preventive measures.

The rules and regulations, that have been laid down are as follows:-

  • A group of not more than 3 people, is allowed to move on roads together, on the Mahalaya morning.
  • Accumulation of crowd is strictly prohibited.
  • Using face covers/masks and practicing social distancing is mandatory.
  • Movement on both the old and new Sadarghat Bridges will be restricted from 09:00 pm of 16th September, 2020 till 06:00 am of 18th September, 2020. Entry into the bridges will be prohibited.
  • A maximum total of 15 persons will be allowed in a place to celebrate Biswakarma Puja. Gathering of crowd at any place will be restricted.
  • Distribution of wet food/prasad is not allowed, however, puja samitis can distribute packed dry food items as prasads.
  • Decoration, pandals and set up of road side stalls are not permitted. However, “Pitri Tarpan” is allowed on banks of river, maintaining all the COVID-19 protocols.

It has been quoted in the order, “Violation of this order will attract punitive action”.

The Cachar Administration has further requested the Superintendent of Police of the district, to deploy police personnel at both the old and new Sadarghat bridges, and barricade the entry and exit points. In addition to that, the Superintendent of Police has also been requested to deploy police personnel across the District for necessary patrolling, to ensure that mass gatherings are avoided.

A copy of the original order is attached below:-