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AUSU submits memorandum regarding Examinations to Vice Chancellor

The Assam University Students’ Union (AUSU) on Monday submitted a memorandum to the Vice Chancellor of the Assam University with regards to reconsideration of the present situation and take decision (with regards to examinations) accordingly.

The Union brought to the notice of the Vice Chancellor that the students of the university have been affected by the ensuing COVID 19 crisis in a grave way. No prominent connection with the outside world has lead to mental stress for the students. Also many students are having to deal with a huge load of assignments and day to day online classes which are accompanied by online exams without any proper notes or explanation. Also there is very little clarity among the students regarding the even semester examinations.

The Union also brought to the notice of the Vice Chancellor that online education hasn’t been substantial enough to provide adequate education to the students and that for the students living in rural areas, online classes and examinations are worthless as they might have no internet connectivity or inadequate internet connectivity. Also there are many colleges affiliated to the University which didn’t even conduct online classes.

With regards to examinations and evaluation, the Union put forward that the formula of grading students giving 50% weightage to their previous semester performance and 50% weightage to internal assessments might be an injustice for many as some students might not have appeared in their examinations in the previous semesters due to medical emergencies or other valid reasons. Also, this formula would be troublesome for students whose tenures have ended but who have backlog in the previous semester examinations.

With regards to this, the AUSU has put forward the following demands :

  • For evaluation, previous semester performance must not be considered, and evaluation must be solely on the basis of internal assessment.
  • The students having backlog can be instructed to submit assignments with regards to the concerned papers.
  • The same procedure shall be followed for the Three-year Degree Course (TDC) students.
  • After the University reopens, students must be given the option of appearing in betterment examinations, if they are not satisfied with their performance in the internal assessment.
  • Decision on this regard must be taken as soon as possible because the students living on rent in Irongmara are facing huge financial burden and for many students who do not have a strong financial background, having to pay rent for so many months unnecessarily is very inappropriate.

The memorandum submitted by the Assam University Students’ Union (AUSU) has been attached below :

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