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The recent standoff of the Indian army against the People’s Liberation Army China in Ladakh has cost 59 Chinese mobile applications and ban on many imported Chinese products. The youth of the Nation since then started working on creating and developing many Indigenous applications and Softwares to compete against foreign dependency and make India completely “Atmanirbhar”.

The Young Turk of Silchar too is not far behind in this digital race. An inventiveness H M Rizwan Mazumder is behind the creation of a Xender like file-sharing application,Light Speed, an app that will make us soon forget XENDER and SHAREit.

Screenshot of the App Light Speed on Play store

Talking to Cachar Chronicles, Rizwan Mazumder mentioned that, Light Speed isn’t his first digital venture. An alumnus of the Computer Science department of Gurucharan College, a true geek Rizwan, developed a student-friendly app with the name “Students Guide, back in the year 2019, to help many wandered students in getting a soft copy of the previous year question papers. The App was an instant hit with over 7000 plus downloads and as many as such users till now.

A Screenshot of the app STUDENT’S GUIDE

He co-founded a web and app development startup Techno3gamma.in along with his two college friends Sourav Deb and Ujjayi Bhattacharjee where they have worked and completed major projects such as developing a website for the eminent Leo Club, the youth organization of the  Lions Club (leodistrict322g.org) and BM Drug Centre (bmdrugcentre.in).

“The idea of Light Speed was in my head for many months. I wanted to develop such a file-sharing app, not only to ease the life of others but also to learn many technical pieces of stuff behind the creation of such a sophisticated app. But my confidence was derailed as a majority of the population are already attracted towards either to Xender or SHAREit. So eventually I gave up the idea and started focusing on other projects. But on the morning of 29th June, when the Government of India banned 59 Chinese backed applications it turned out to be a major breakthrough for me and hence I resumed my idea of developing an Indigenous file-sharing application that I named Light Speed and released it on 15th July 2020”, said a self-taught developer and entrepreneur, Rizwan Mazumder.

When asked about his future endeavour; Rizwan replied that he and his team are currently working on other paid projects that he cannot disclose but are also working to create another Indigenous application that will work as a replacement for the much-used Chinese app CAM-SCANNER. “I am working with the utmost priority of developing a strong alternative of Cam Scanner which can be used by millions throughout the Nation and soon we will release the app if everything goes accordingly. The challenge is difficult but I am not here to easily give up because sometimes the only motivation you need is firmed determination and self-confidence to reach the goal”, said the tech worm and enthusiastic Rizwan.

Till now the Light speed app has more than 70 downloads but the team believes that with some more updates and better interface, the app will achieve a million downloads soon. CLICK HERE to download the Silchar made app.

“I have a message for all the youth and future entrepreneurs of the valley to not to depend on Bookish knowledge completely and learn things externally from various learning platforms. The Internet is a big place and we can learn so many new and creative things that aren’t available in our books. Don’t confine yourself to a box, think outside the box and create your own thing. Practice as much as possible and believe yourself, because when you will lose in the game of life, none will come to revive you except you yourself”, says H M Rizwan Mazumder.

Team Cachar Chronicles wishes Rizwan and his team a warm congratulations and wishes him good lucks for all future endeavours.

The team of Techno3Gamma.in Sourav Deb, Ujjayi Bhattacharjee and Rizwan Mazumder

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