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Assam University issues Show Cause Notice to Anindya Sen for allegedly making derogatory remarks against a Hindu Diety

Assam University has issued a show cause notice to Assistant Professor Anindya Sen, on Tuesday (18th August, 2020), who has been in the news recently for allegedly “making derogatory remarks against Shri Ramchandra and hurting religious sentiments”. Anindya Sen is an assistant professor in the Department of English at Assam University.

On 8th August, 2020, the Agitation Incharge of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), Rohit Chanda lodged an FIR against Assistant Professor Anindya Sen for allegedly “making derogatory remarks against Shri Ramchandra and hurting religious sentiments”. Consequently, a case was registered against Assistant Professor Anindya Sen under section 295A, 294 and 501 of Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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According to sources, the show cause notice demands clarification from Assistant Professor Anindya Sen, who has been accused of making derogatory remarks against Lord Ramchandra on social media, thereby hurting religious sentiments, belief and faith of a large section of people and thereby, trying to incite communal disturbances by provoking the society for religious riots. Reportedly, the show cause notice further states that hurting religious faith and belief of people is against the basic ethos of Indian Constitution, in addition to being violative of various other rules and laws of India.

The show cause notice reportedly directed Assistant Professor Anindya Sen to provide the university with clarification regarding the matter within 02:00 pm of 25th August, 2020. The notice further adds that if Assistant Professor Anindya Sen fails to give his clarification in the said time period, it may result in the university taking an ex parte decision on the matter.

Biswaroop Bhattacharjee, the President of Assam University Students Union, in a conversation with Cachar Chronicles stated, “This university belongs to students from different cultures and religions. The whole university fraternity tries its level best to coexist and believes in Unity in Diversity. Having said that, if any statement from any individual, has the potential to disturb the peace and harmony inside the university campus, the students union strongly stands against it”.

With reference to Assistant Professor Anindya Sen’s case, Bhattacharjee added, “Certain media portals have reported that I demanded apology from Assistant Professor Anindya Sen, but as a matter of fact, Assistant Professor Anindya Sen had already apologised on facebook and I find no arguement in demanding an apology from him again. My demand is crystal clear, I simply want the University Authority to set up an inquiry committee against Assistant Professor Anindya Sen, and if found guilty, suspend Assistant Professor Anindya Sen. In addition to that, whenever anybody had been accused of doing unwanted things inside the University Campus, which may have a negative impact on the peace and harmony inside the campus, I always prevented the alleged miscreant from entering the university until he/she is found to be innocent, in order to ensure that peace and harmony stays intact inside the University Campus. Thus, if the University Authority does not take any action, I will strongly prevent the entry of Assistant Professor Anindya Sen into the University campus. Having said that, if the University Authority forces Professor Anindya Sen’s entry into the University campus, the authority must take the responsibility, if any unwanted incident takes place inside the campus.”

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