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1000 packets of Cooked food distributed by Various Leo Club’s of Silchar in a joint effort.

Durga Puja 2020 was restricted in many ways due to the ongoing pandemic by the District Administration by enforcing SOP’s of “Do’s and Don’ts”, this took away the essence and emotion that these three days of durga puja brings along with it.

Many underprivileged people who rely on Pandal Prasad (Hotch potch) for their meal of the day had no other means during these days.
Keeping that in mind Leo Club of Silchar Greater and Leo Club of Silchar Centurion initiated “A MEGA FOOD DRIVE” during the three days of puja collaborating with the other clubs of Zone-III, Leo Club of Silchar Central, Leo Club of Silchar and Leo Club of Silchar Vision under the proper guidance of their RC, Leo Tamal Chakraborty.

The Leo Club’s on a joint effort distributed approximately 1,000 packets of cooked hotch potch at different underprivileged areas of Silchar town on Mahasaptami, Mahasthami and Mahanavami, the three most glorious days of the year.

The project was a huge one where all the members from different Leo clubs of Zone III met on Saptami for the first time. Many were unknown to others and all them ended their 2020 puja with each other who were new on that very first day of the project. The project was also graced by the presence of VDP, Leo Abhishek Chakraborty, DDS, Leo Nandini Bhattacharjee, D.O. Health, Leo Abhishek Dey, D.O. IT and Website Maintenance, Leo Kshounish Majumder.

On a press release from Leo Club of Silchar Central it was mentioned that the Mega Food Drive was a successful one and Leo Club’s will come up with more joint projects within the town soon.