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Woman allegedly raped and murdered in Lala Bazar

Last night, a woman in her 40s-50s, was alledgely raped and murdered in Lala Bazar area in Hailakandi district. Her body was found in the morning in an injured and nearly undressed state. The sight was terribly shocking and horrendous. The body was discovered near Tripti Hotel, due to which, sources say that the staff of the hotel is under scanner. The incident is also the first of its kind to happen in the Lala Bazar area, the residents reported.

The woman, who became a victim of this inhuman offence, is said to be homeless and has lived by the roadside for most period of her life. It is also concluded that she was mentally unstable. To add on, the residents informed that three more women are currently living by the roadside in Lala Bazar, and their safety has become a matter to be questioned after this incident.

“After the lady’s body was found near Tripti hotel, we are suspecting a man but are not sure and hence we will not reveal his name. After the accused is held accountable, we will definately punish him” said Liton Nath, the officer in charge (OC) of the Lala Bazar Police Station.

When asked about his views on the staff of Hotel Tripti, he said, “As of now, it is just an assumption and we have no proof regarding it. We are not sure about this and can say nothing. Only after proper investigation we can give our official statement on the person, responsible for this crime.”

According to the recent government statistics, 32,500 rape cases were registered in India with the police in 2017, which is almost 90 cases per day! A woman is raped in India every 16 minutes and around thousands and lakhs of them go unregistered due to various reasons. Repeated rape cases have angered many Indians. Although the government has doubled prison terms for rapists to 20 years and established stricter laws, but the biggest question, that rises up is, “When will these laws be implemented and the violence against women come to a cease?” The answer is yet unknown.