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Students across Barak protest against offline examination

The students of different degree colleges on Monday (14/09/2020)that are affiliated to Assam University protested against the University’s decision to conduct an offline examination for terminal/end semester of TDC students. Whereas, the UG/PG students of various departments of Assam University will appear for an offline examination.

Hundreds of students from various colleges affiliated to Assam University came forward to express their denial against offline examination. That includes students from Cachar College, Gurucharan College, N.C Paul Memorial College, Women’s College, Karimganj College etc. to name a few.

The students of TDC (Three-year degree course) has demanded to conduct the terminal examinations in an online mode, mainly via-

i.  Open Book Examination (OBE).

ii. Assignment Based.

iii. MCQ Test. 

The students want the University Authority to make strong arrangements for both online as well as offline modes of examination so that the students can have the liberty to choose their desired mode to appear for the final examinations. Some may opt for offline while some other may go for online mode of examination. 

The main arguments that were raised by the students to conduct the terminal examinations in online mode for everyone were that-

    1.  Various students of these colleges live in different districts and are currently out of Cachar due to the pandemic. Hence, it won’t be feasible for them to accommodate in Silchar again in such a short period to appear for the offline examinations that are supposed to be conducted by their colleges.

    2.  The students also argued against the use of public transport to travel posing the risk of COVID-19.

    3.  Students with old guardians and young kids at home are against the offline mode of examination as they are much vulnerable to the infection.

4. Several colleges affiliated to Assam University ha already agreed to conduct the end semester examinations in online mode. 

The President of the ‘Students Union of Assam University’, Biswarup Bhattacharjee earlier made a statement saying that the University is ready to conduct online examinations for terminal semester. However, it is only for the UG/PG students who are studying at the University. The students of the affiliated colleges still have to appear for their end semester examinations via offline mode. Biswarup Bhattacharjee also added that University is ready to conduct online examinations for the affiliated students as well but the colleges are not ready for the online exams as they want it to be in an offline mode.

Talking to Cachar Chronicles, Students Union President Biswarup Bhattacharjee made it very clear that the University has to conduct online examination for the TDC students as well or else the ongoing protests will keep on growing in numbers and intensity. If Assam University can come up with an option like Guwahati University where the students are allowed to choose either online or offline examination according to their conveniences. If Assam University can come up with the same plan then it is acceptable or else the Students Union will keep on supporting the TDC students for their ongoing protests. 

“The offline examination is being forced to us,” says a student protesting against the University’s decision to Cachar Chronicles.

The students have submitted various memorandums to their respective colleges all around Barak Valley but no solid actions have yet been taken by the college authorities which forced them to actively protest against the University near the  Khudiram statue today at Silchar. The TDC representative mentioned that students should be given the freedom to choose their desired mode of examination either online or offline citing the example of Guwahati University.

Assam University on 11th September has announced that UG/PG Students will have to appear for online examinations while the TDC (Non-CBCS) students who are affiliated to the University are hereby directed to appear for offline mode of examination which is dated to start from 29th of September 2020.