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Proposal for LOCKDOWN in CACHAR from 10th August

Today (07-08-2020) a meeting was called by MP Rajdeep Roy that saw the presence of different ministers and  MLAs from Silchar, Katigorah and Borkhola along with SP Cachar Mr Bhanwar Lal Meena.

The members and representatives desired for a lockdown in the Cachar district to stop the influx of COVID positive cases in the district.

They suggested that on 8th and 9th August i.e  Saturday and Sunday there will be no lockdown and thus people would be able to stock up things for the coming lockdown that will take off from 10th August (Monday) and will continue to 13th August (Thursday).

Relief will be given on 14th and 15th August, but the lockdown will continue until further orders.

The proposal of lockdown arrived after the Merchant Associaton of Fatak Bazar, Silchar filed a petition to Chief Secretary of Assam and District Commissioner siting that the COVID cases are increasing rapidly and Silchar Medical College and Hospital isn’t able to cater the increasing number of COVID positive patients.

SMCH bed capacity currently stands at only 270, occupied by 240 already and ICU can cater only 14 patients which are already filled with 14 patients and would not be able to cater more if any worst situation arrives.

In the last 10 days, a total of 985 patients increased which is terribly rapid with an average case of 98 patients per day. The situation is thus very alarming and hence the Merchant Association of Silchar urged the authorities to continue a strict lockdown for an indefinite period to break the wheel of the Coronavirus.

The official petition is attached below –

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