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Patches of Crowd around Silchar amid Lockdown

Our correspondants have located patches of crowd around Silchar town on Thursday (28th May, 2020). The story is not new as bazaars in Silchar have been witnessing heavy crowds amid lockdown, since the relaxations were implemented. Roadside shops and stalls add fuel to the fire.

COVID-19 pandemic has dominated around the globe. Social distancing has become the new reality. The world is in a battle against one of the fastest spreading diseases. Meanwhile in Silchar, social distancing has become a mere fancy term. The consequences can be unimaginably disastrous.

The Cachar Administration is trying its level best to ensure that the protocols are being followed, yet the loop holes are being used by an irresponsible section of this society. We request Cachar Administration to take stricter actions against such miscreants.

Picture Credit : Sarbam Nath

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