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NMO and Marawari Yuva Manch, collectively arrange 2 units of Blood Plasma for SMCH COVID-19 Patients

A number of social media write-ups, requesting for Blood Plasma, required urgently for COVID-19 patients in Silchar Medical College and Hospital, went viral on Friday (21st August, 2020). Mithun Roy (aka Poschim Digonte), a member of SMCH COVID Help Desk, via a video posted on his facebook account, informed that 2 (two) units of Blood Plasma have been arranged.

Roy stated that NMO (National Medicos Organisation), Assam wrote a letter to the principal of SMCH on Friday (22nd August, 2020), informing him about the urgent requirement of 2 (two) units of Blood Plasma in the COVID Ward of SMCH. “The principal of SMCH, immediately writes a letter to Guwahati Medical College & Hospital and Raktim Tamuli, the secretary of NMO, Assam, in collaboration with GMCH, immediately arranged 2 (two) units of Blood Plasma”, Roy added.

Roy further explains that it was challenging to transfer the Blood Plasma from Guwahati Medical College & Hospital to Silchar Medical College & Hospital, but units of Marawari Yuva Mancha in Guwahati and Silchar came on field to rescue. “Within an hour, Marawari Yuva Mancha, Guwahati Unit reached the Guwahati Airport with the Blood Plasma, but they were not allowed to enter due to safety protocols and norms. Immediately, the Blood Plasma was made to reach Silchar Medical College and Hospital via road”, Roy further stated. The 2 (two) units of Blood Plasma reached Silchar by 11:30 pm on Friday (22nd August, 2020).

A member of Marawari Yuva Manch stated, “We feel honoured that we could have been of some use for the welfare of this society. Marawari Yuva Manch always stays active, whenever it gets a chance to serve the society. We pray for the speedy recovery of the patients.”

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