Home News Assam Idol of Lord Shiva vandalised in Jahanpur Kalibari, Longai

Idol of Lord Shiva vandalised in Jahanpur Kalibari, Longai

Vandalism of “Shiva” idol has taken place in Jahanpur Kalibari (Kali Temple), Longai on Thursday (9th July, 2020). The area comes under Karimganj District.

According to local residents, a tradition is followed in the area, abiding by which, the people living in the area, offer their prayers in the temple, every night, before they sleep; accordingly, they did the same on Thursday night too. The boy who lives in the house, exactly opposite to the temple, witnessed something unusual, when he arrived at the temple to offer the customary prayers that night. He informed the residents that the idol of Lord Shiva is not present in its place. Accordingly, the residents gathered at the temple and found out that the idol was in its place, but was badly vandalised by some miscreants. The residents added that the idol of Goddess Kali is protected by a gate but the idol of Lord Shiva, along with the Shiva Linga has no such protection. The residents suspect that the act has been done by miscreants to trigger communal tension in the area.

Various NGOs protested against the act by blocking the road. They demand that the miscreants should be identified and arrested within the next 48 hours, otherwise, they will initiate mass public protests.

District Commissioner of Karimganj; Officer-in-Charge of the nearby Police Station; the District President of Bharatiya Janata Party in Karimganj, Subrata Bhattacharjee, along with other concerned authorities, arrived at the location for initial actions and investigation.

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