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Hindu Chatra Sangha submits memorandum to Assam CM, urging him to ban PFI

Hindu Chatra Sangha, Silchar, has submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister of Assam on Tuesday (7th July, 2020), urging CM to take necessary actions in order to ban Popular Front of India (PFI) in the state of Assam.

According to the organisation, the action has been taken, keeping in mind, the various reports of NIA (National Investigation Agency) and other State Governments, where it has already been advised to ban PFI in India. In a digital signature campaign run by the organisation, titled, “Ban PFI (Popular Front of India) for their involvement in anti-national activities”, they have received around 3000 signatures. The cover image of the petition had three highlighted points:

  • 13 former PFI Cadres joined ISIS
  • Members involved in Delhi Riots
  • 4 State Governments ask Centre to ban PFI

Hindu Chatra Sangha believes that the claims by the Ministers of the current Government could not be ignored and due importance should be paid to the state’s security, before any threat grows bigger.

Subhasish Choudhury, College Incharge and Spokesperson of Hindu Chatra Sangha, in a conversation with Cachar Chronicles said,”It is purely our concern for National interests that has pushed us to launch an online signature campaign for banning PFI in Assam and ultimately we submitted a memorandum for that cause today. Our campaign was directed on the facts provided by the NIA, High Rank Police officials and state Governments of various states of India, a total of 5(which even includes Kerala Government), as far as our knowledge goes, has asked the Central Govt to ban PFI in the Nation. Even our respected Himanta Biswa Sharma sir asked Centre to ban PFI, alleging its involvement in violent anti-CAA protests of Assam. Based on all of the collective facts and datas, we have approached the Assam Govt to ban that organisation in the state, as soon as possible.”

A copy of the memorandum is attached below:

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