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HAILAKANDI: District Administration to pay CASH reward to anyone who informs about traffic violators

Last month i.e. on 26th June the District Administration of Hailakandi in association with District Transport Office decided to involve the general public to help them lessen the curve of Traffic violence and road accidents and asked the public to provide information on whoever breaks the rule or doesn’t wear Helmet.

Source : Twitter Handle of DC Hailakandi

From the past one month, the objective has been very successful and the police have been able to arrest at least 100 of violators and also issued Chalan informed Hailakandi District Administration on its Twitter handle on 28th July 2020.

Now the District Administration under the motto of Traffic Suraksha has once again urged the public to inform about the traffic violators and win prices. Yes! You heard it right. Prices worth ₹10,000.

The District administration has asked the people to inform them about the traffic violators by sending pictures or videos of the said person on the Traffic Suraksha hotline WhatsApp no. 9954546010.

The District Administration has promised to felicitate the person with cash who will send a maximum number of photos before 31st August 2020.

The winner with maximum photos/videos will receive cash of ₹5000, followed by ₹3000 for the second winner and ₹2000 for the third winner.

SOURCE- DC Hailakandi

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