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DC Cachar inaugurated water reservoir at Ramnagar Anowa area

The Hon’ble Deputy Commissioner, Cachar, IAS Smti Keerthi Jalii on August 2020 (Wednesday) inaugurated the water reservoir of Ramnagar Anowa area.

It was a long-pending project often ignored finally saw the light of development. The cleaning of the huge reservoir has been initiated from an amount of Rs.2,34,600/- – under MGNREGA for the said work.

The cleaning of the reservoir will directly benefit a total number of 45,000 people hailing from three Gram Panchayats.
“There will be a lot of improvement in the supply of pure drinking water through 6 P.W.S.S for which water is drawn from Anowa. As an example of convergence, the main objective of the scheme is to clear the extensive stored of hyacinth on the waters of Anowa Beel for paving the way for the development of all water plants located in the area as the water of entire Anowa bill is too polluted to serve the purpose of human consumption” wrote DC admins on their FB post.

DC Keerthi Jalii also asked the migrant labourer who returned to their home from other states of India during the COVID crisis to seek out their nearest Block office for a job card under MGNREGA which ensures guaranteed paid work.

DC over viewing the work done. SOURCE- DC Cachar Facebook

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