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Barak Valley boys invent Full Body Sanitisation Tunnel

There is no dearth of Talent in our Barak Valley. From Art and Culture to Academics, young people are alive and kicking. Even in entrepreneurial races, they are no way behind others. One such example is of Rizwan Mazumder of Silchar who grasped the opportunity on Chinese App ban to create an Indigenous file sharing app.

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Other such talents include a duo of friends hailing from Hailakandi, Subrajyoti Dhar and Swarnadeep Das. The two alumni of the prestigious Blue Flower School weren’t doing Netflix and Chill rather brainstorming various ideas to help the frontline workers in dealing with COVID-19 that has been suffocating our lives for almost 6 months now. The two boys developed a machine that can perform “Full-body Sanitation” to anybody who will pass through it and they call it Full Body Sanitization Tunnel.

“So we basically developed the machine to help doctors, nurses and other health care workers who are risking their lives for us. I feel pity for them and since the beginning, I wanted to do something for them and hence after much deliberation, we came up with the idea of a full-body Sanitisation machine” said Swarnadeep Das, one of the inventors of Full Body Sanitization Tunnel to Cachar Chronicles.

The idea of a Full-body Sanitation machine initially came to Subhrajyoti Dhar and then both friends started working on this project. Both are math genius and engineering prodigy. Swarnadeep, a second semester student of Karimganj Polytechnic and Subhrajyoti Dhar, a B.tech student from RIST, Meghalaya. Hence, creating such a machine wasn’t a big deal for them.

Taking to Cachar Chronicles, Swarnadeep said “The main problem wasn’t building the device but to collect its raw materials and parts. We at first, tried with some available waste products but it wasn’t helpful. Then we decided to get the raw materials from Indore, MP. The raw materials consist of several pumps, sensors and micro-controller. It arrived from Indore in 2 weeks but took only 7 days for us to build it.”

It is not their first venture. The same duo a few months ago built an ‘Automatic hand sanitizers dispenser machine‘. But that was only to sanitize hands and on a low scale but the current machine can sanitize an entire body of a human as well as for a machine.

Swarnadeep informed Cachar Chronicles that they are in talks with DC, Hailakandi and will soon install it to any important COVID locations where there is a real dearth of such machine. And will build many more full-body sanitisation machines if they receive further orders.

Cachar Chronicles congratulates these two inventors for their dedication and innovation and expect more such talents from the beautiful soil of Barak Valley.


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