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AUSU submits memorandum to Dr. Sarma seeking demand for a new state university in the valley in addition to other developments in the University

Himanta Biswa Sarma with the leaders of the student union in Silchar.

Assam University Student Union, on Saturday (26/09/2020), met Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, and placed a memorandum that highlighted few very important points for the future of the students of the only university and the valley. The Health & Family Welfare Minister of Assam, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma was on an official visit to Silchar on Saturday, to inaugurate 40-bedded ICU in Silchar Medical College and Hospital, when he met the leaders of the student union at the circuit house.

Talking to Cachar Chronicles, AUSU President, Biswarup Bhattacharjee mentioned that a series of points have been highlighted to the minister to see the light of development. The points include:-

  1. To instruct Assam University’s administrative department to exempt the admission fees for the session 2020-21.
    This condition arrived after the Assam Government passed an order to every state-funded educational institute to refrain itself from taking admission fees from the student in view of the ongoing pandemic.
  2. To establish a new state university and more science colleges for the students of the valley.
    The student union demanded the minister to build more science colleges and a state university like that of Guwahati University keeping in mind, the rising population of students in the valley. It becomes difficult to cater to a huge population with just one university and hence students get bound to look for other educational institution outside the valley.
  3. To increase the number of buses for the students of the university for easy commutes.
    The non-availability of adequate buses has always been a hot topic in the university as thousands of student travel daily from Silchar, Lala, Hailakandi, Panchgram etc. and many find it difficult to get a bus due to the shortage of buses.
  4. To repair the road connecting the university to Silchar and Hailakandi.
    The roads in Dwarbond and Silcoorie are in terrible condition for more than two years now and they are very important roads as they connect thousands of students from Silchar and Hailakandi to the university.
  5. To install a new mineral water plant for the students of the University.
    The quality of drinking water in the university and its adjoining areas is in a very poor unhygienic condition. Students and local people get sick often drinking unhealthy water. Hence, the student union demanded a new mineral water plant keeping in mind the health of the students.
  6. To look after the children of the Panchgram paper mill employees as they have lost their source of income.
    Due to the mismanagement of the Panchgram paper mill authority, its employees have refrained from their hard-earned money since 2015 that led the children of the employee to suffer mostly with their higher education. Thus, the student union demanded the minister to look after the students for their education.

“The minister assured us that all the mentioned points will be given utmost priority by his ministry and will make sure to get it done in time,” said AUSU president Biswarup Bhattacharjee.

The official memorandum has been posted below:-