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Ambubachi Starts in the Empty Kamakhya Devalaya

The empty Kamakhya Devalaya is prepared to perform all the rituals of the mighty Ambubachi. Ambubachi has started at 07:53 am on Monday (22nd June, 2020). The holy time duration will end at 08:16 pm on Thursday (25th June, 2020).

Although the rituals are being performed, the grand Ambubachi Mela has been canceled. Kamakhya Devalaya will not be witnessing the traditional massive crowd of sanyasis, sadhus and devotees, which has been the major attraction since ages.

According to an official of Kamakhya Devalaya, they have cancelled the famous Ambubachi Mela, keeping in mind the safety of the citizens with reference to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The temple has thus decided to carry out the rituals.

The unpredictable has become reality. The enormous crowd has become an imagination. The traditional events are however vivid in our memories.

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