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13 Monkeys found dead in a Reservoir in Cachar, Post Mortem found Poison as the Cause

A group of 13 monkeys were found dead in a reservoir in Cachar District of Assam. According to Veterinary Department official, Rubel Das, the bodies were found floating in a reservoir of the Katirail water supply plant of the Public Health Engineering (PHE) Department on Monday (8th June, 2020).

“The post mortem report has found poison in the dead bodies of the monkeys. The samples are now being sent to veterinary department’s Disease Diagnostic Laboratory at Khanapara (Guwahati), for further confirmation”, said Das.

The incident created terror among the inhabitants as the water in the reservoir was supplied from a nearby plant.

According to an engineer of the PHE department, the water tank which has its connection with the reservoir, was abandoned long ago.

The forest officials suspect that the miscreants might have poisoned the reservoir with an “ulterior motive”.

A series of incidents which show cruelty against animals is being witnessed in different parts of the country. The pregnant elephant, the pregnant cow, and now the 13 monkeys (suspected to be a voluntary killing), the nature appeals for their justice.

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