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15,867 Pigs Died in Assam due to African Swine Flu : Atul Bora

Assam Minister for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Atul Bora, on Tuesday (26th May, 2020), announced that, 15,867 pigs have died in Assam by virtue of African Swine Flu Outbreak, and 50,000 pigs may get eventually affected according to estimates.

However, the minister announced few relaxations of the restrictions, which were imposed on the selling of pork. Now pork meat can be sold in areas which do not fall withing the infected zones which have been indentified for a radius of 1 km and surveillance zones, which have been identified for a radius of 10 km. Adding a condition, the pork meat must be sold within the same district, where it has been reared.

Culling of the pigs is not in plans now, however, in such conditions, the compensation will be split between the Centre and the State. The State Government is well set to bear 50% of the cost, and the Central Government will bear the other 50% of the expense which shall be incurred due to the culling.

“African Swine Flu is the father of Coronavirus, because no vaccine could be  invented in the past 100 years. There is no cure and death of the pigs is inevitable. The only solution is to maintain bio-security”, said the Minister. A surveillance zone has been created within 10 km of every infected pig.

The minister, on a positive note, praised the Animal Husbandry Department for being successful in preventing the continuation in transmission of the disease, right at the initial stage. He also announced that the District Administrations have been urged to contain the outbreak. However, to his dimay, many people are not yet prepared to tackle the possible threats, that come hand-in-hand with this disease.

According to the minister, the Forest Department is carefully supervising the pigs to ensure that there is no inter-mingling between the domestic pigs and the wild boars, to contain the transmission further.

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