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Leo Club of Silchar Central along with Thousand Sayantans’ celebrates World Heart Day with Dr. Rakesh P. Gopal.

Silchar Medical College and Hospital, a name which comes in mind of every single person of Barak Valley and some other major regions of Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur etc, when asked about emergency health care.
The SMC is likely the most trustworthy place where people of this region depends mostly for its basic health care needs.

Yet, a year ago, a 25 year old boy named Sayantan Chakraborty lost his life due to lack of proper healthcare facilities in Silchar Medical College. SMC always lacked a cardiologist and proper heartcare facilities which can function in time of emergencies. Since Sayantan’s untimely demise his friends have never stopped and have continued to battle his cause with their own organisation named Thousand Sayantans’. An organisation which works for the betterment of healthcare facilities for local people as well as people coming from outside of town.

Recently, Dr. Rakesh P Gopal, an eminent cardiologist of Apollo chennai, has been appointed by Govt of Assam in Silchar after collective efforts of Thousand Sayantans’.

On the Occasion of World Heart Day, Leo Club Of Silchar Central conducted an online session Today (29th September) in association with Thousand Sayantans’ with Dr. Rakesh P Gopal about the development of the cardiologist crisis in Silchar and its progress. Dr. Rakesh P. Gopal urged Leo club of Silchar central and Thousand Sayantans’ to come forward and spread awareness against tobacco consumption and smoking as tobacco consumption is a very vital cause for Cardiac arrest. On asking about the schedule of his next visit in SMC, Dr Gopal said that he will be back in Silchar on 9th October. If anyone wishes to visit Dr. Gopal then they may head straight to Silchar Medical College on the above mentioned date. The doctor also added that the youths are the future if silchar’s health care sector. Sauvik Mazumder Kashyap from Leo Club of Silchar Central and Rohit Choudhury from Thousand Sayantans’ were the moderator for this successful live session. Lots of QnA’s were exchanged between the viewers and the panelists about the healthcare of the region.

All in all a successful and important online session was curated by Leo Club of Silchar Central and Thousand Sayantans’.