Among the home bakers in our town,a budding page ‘Bake-e-Diem’ ,is making its way to our hearts through our stomachs.From baking cakes to doughnuts everything is instagram asthetic approved and vegetarian.The page is run by two beautiful women Lipika Pugalia and Harshita Ghorawat.Surupa Dutta for Cachar Chronicles got in touch with Lipika Pugalia for a light hearted conversation to get to know about them and their business better.

Surupa:Starting with the first query,please tell us about your inspiration to start the business and the journey.
Lipika:So basically it started when we were very young and we used to see our mothers and aunts bake so fondly for everyone in the house and we wanted to be just like them.We wanted to be someone who creates something that would make the people happy.So in 2019,we decided to just start it as a hobby and along the way we got a lot of good reviews frok people and thought why not do something we love for a living and it has been a process since then

Lipika Pugalia and Harshita Ghorawat

Surupa:There are a lot of home bakers in this small town.What were your prior goals to stand out amongst them or what were the challenges you faced?
Lipika:My goal here in Silchar is to bake confectioneries like doughnuts and brownies accessible to the people here in a very authentic way and they shouldn’t have to travel to M.O.D or Dunk in Doughnuts to have delicious doughnuts.To make sure it’s available here in the best way possible.There is a lot of competition.There are a lot of home bakers.Both here in Silchar and in Ahmedabad.So there is constant need to stand out and you have to stand out and to make something new, something the people haven’t had yet.in silchar one another challenge is that the raw materials are not easily available.I had to plan everything beforehand.Now it’s a little better.I guess Silchar is growing that way.Compared to when I was young,I used to get very basic ingredients but now it’s a bit easier.But because I bake professionally,I need ingredients which are still not found here yet,but it is working out for me.Its going good.

Surupa:Did the Covid situation take your business a step back or impact your business in any way?
Lipika: Actually it didn’t.It did in the beginning.When there was a complete lockdown.We didn’t have any orders.But it has also worked for us because people prefer home baked than store bought because it’s more hygienic.It was just difficult in the initial months but it has been great otherwise.

Surupa:Could you tell me how many order you get on an average everyday and how much time it took you to reach here?
Lipika:It really depends.Somedays we are flooded and on some days we don’t and we get time for ourselves.I think it’s the best way to be.In silchar it was a little difficult because I had to start from scratch,I had to make a seperate page for the people of Silchar.But because it is my hometown and people already know me,I could make a lot of contacts.Since we started,there had been days where it was overflowing with orders and days when there wasn’t any.

Surupa:So we know that the page is run by you and Harshita.Do you both live together?
Lipika:No.We are cousins.We used to live together when I was in Ahmedabad for a year in 2019.But then I decided to move back here, because this is where it all started and I wanted to be closer to my parents and I wanted to bake for the people of my hometown and that’s when I shifted here three months back.She runs it in Ahmedabad and I am doing it here in Silchar

Surupa:Do you provide home delivery or is it a pick-up service?
Lipika: Actually we have never delivered doorstep because it’s a little tedious and we started off on a small scale initially and people were ready to pick it up.I am planning to do it here but it has just started and I need to figure things before I actually initiate delivery.

Surupa:Can you tell me something about your long term goals?
Lipika:We don’t have very long term plans actually.The name Bake-e-Diem is inspired from Carpe Diem which means sieze the day.We wanted to seize the day by baking everyday and make people eat everyday.I guess we just bake by the day and see how it goes the next day.