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Government of Assam issues guidelines for gradual opening up of the state

The Government of Assam has issued a notification detailing the activities which will and won’t be allowed in the upcoming days. A brief summary of the official order has been given below :

Allowed activities :

1) Places of worship (8th June onwards). The maximum gathering should be 20 people per hour.
2) Hotels, restaurants and hospitality services (8th June onwards), maintaining social distancing and with 50% of total capacity.
3) Shopping malls (8th June onwards).
4) Open spaces and public parks for Yoga, Morning walk, jogging etc. (1st June onwards).
5) Film and video shooting for both Government and private in open spaces and studios (1st June onwards).
6) Barber shops and parlors for hair trimming purposes only (1st June onwards).
It is to be noted that social distancing norms must be followed in all these activities.

Night curfew will continue from 9 PM to 5 AM, except for essential activities.

Activities not allowed yet :

1) Pillion riding in 2-seaters, except for women and children.
2) Opening up of Cinema halls, Gymnasiums, swimming pools, entertainment parks, theatres, bars and auditoriums, assembly halls and other similar places will not be allowed.
3) Social, political, cultural, educational, sports, religious events and congregations will not be allowed.
4) Opening up of educational institutions will not be allowed.


A copy of the official order has been attached below :

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