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DC Cachar contacts DC Jiribam to allow entry of people from Assam to Jiribam

As of now, during this ‘Lockdown 4.0’, in order to combat the hasty intensification of COVID-19 pandemic, traders with inter-state business operations between the perimeters of Assam and Manipur have been solemnly striken due to restrictions subdued on commuters.

Responding to the situation, Cachar’s Deputy Commissioner, Keerthi Jalli has written to Deputy Commissioner of Jiribam for the allowance of the commutation of the people of Assam from Jirighat (area under Lakhipur constituency) to enter Jiribam, Manipur during this higgledy-piggledy period.

In the letter to Deputy Commissioner of Jiribam, Manipur, Mrs. Jalli has conveyed her solicitude and urged for synergy from DC Jiribam. Subsequently, references were forwarded from the instruction issued from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, (dated May 17, 2020), Mrs. Jalli emphasized the need for pester free movement of the traders in pursuit of trade and commercial activities who have been in dreadful pavement in coping up with their savings with regards to the lockdown.

The Cachar Deputy Commissioner has aspired that administrations of both neighbouring districts will help to solve this predicament of the civil beings during this catastrophe.

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