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Assam University Students’ Union Ensures Safety of Students’ Belongings in Hostels under Requisition

Dr. Pradosh Kiran Nath, Registrar i/c Assam University, Silchar announced the University premises as COVID-19 care centre cum quarantine centre on the reference of the order issued by DC Cachar on 21. 05. 2020 on behalf of the District Disaster Management in exercise of the power vested upon it vide section 34, subsection (a), (j) of the DDM Act, 2005. Certain amenities of the university premises follow the order which are provided in the attachment below.

Subsequently the AUS administration requested DC Cachar to ensure the adequate safety and securities for staff who will be attending office and for all campus dwellers as the classes are supposed to start in July,2020.
The order has also instructed all the students residing in the hostel to take their belongings from their respective hostels on 25th and 26th May, 2020 between 10 AM to 4 PM (with no extensions) . Strict guidelines are also provided below in the attachment which are to be adhered to.

The important point to be noted is the official statement of the President of Students’ Union, AUS, he mentioned that he had made an appeal on behalf of the union to Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma and MHRD via Twitter so as to ensure that the belongings of the students are safe and secure. He had also urged the students not to be panic striken as AUS is not yet declared a quarantine zone, it is just a requisition but if it still is declared so, the safety and security of the belongings of the students will be ensured.

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