Youth icon Sayan Biswas—an institution in the making : Shanku Sharma

    Sayan Biswas is Sayan Biswas, the only one of his kind. He is a gentleman to the core, well of humility.

    Sayan Biswas, attached with Dainik Jugasankha as its sports editor and cultural page in-charge, is on the verge of becoming a household name. He is undoubtedly one of the most talented persons in the entire valley of Barak. Be it in sports, sports journalism, oration, anchoring, conducting programmes and live sessions, singing, writing articles and scripts, acting and directing (short films and plays), he is the ‘monarch of all he surveys’. He is the youth icon.

    This year, though plagued by COVID-19, saw the rise of Sayan Biswas as a young, energetic, and thinking sports journalist. The first week of July fetched him felicitation and recognition from several associations and clubs. He was felicitated not once, not twice, not thrice, but five times from various associations and clubs on July 1 and July 2. With over 4900 friends on his list, he is definitely a star/an institution in the making.

    Born to senior journalist Swadesh Biswas, Samudra Sihar Biswas aka Sayan always wanted to scribble something or the other. In fact, we loved to pen down his thoughts in a refined Bengali language, a habit that stayed with him. He used to write for various newspapers, though. He passed out from Adharchand High School. The year 2003 saw his ‘unofficial’ entry into the world of journalism as he began working for NETV, the first satellite channel of Assam.

    Dainik Jugasankha, one of the largest circulated Bengali daily of this region, played a pivotal role in shaping his chequered career. He joined the Bengali daily in 2007. There has been no looking back for him since then. The way he manages both the cultural and the sports page for Dainik Jugasankha, speak volumes of his elan, creativity, and calibre.

    Sayan Biswas did not want to confine to only sports and sports journalism (he is the spokesperson of Barak Upatyaka Krira Sangbadik Sangstha) and so formed a music band. This thought gave birth to ‘Dolchhut’, one of the most popular music bands in Barak Valley. From then on, he gained more popularity. In fact, now his phone keeps buzzing all the time. A humble and down-to-earth Sayan Biswas works hard and with firm determination. He married Supriya Bhattacharjee (Biswas) on December 4, 2017.

    Sayan Biswas, who never blows his own trumpet, idolises Saurav Ganguly. He is the recipient of Dalmia Young Achievers’ Awards for Sport Journalism (Mary Kom handover the award to him) and Young Voyager Award (Vivek Vaswani handed over the award to him on behalf of Ramoji Film City). He was specially felicitated in the year 2018 for his contributions to sports journalism (Ajit Singh, then sports minister, felicitated him). His dream-come-true moment came when he was selected (the only one from Barak Valley) to cover Sachin Tendulkar’s last match (test match against West Indies, November 2013). He also covered the cricket world cup (2016) and FIFA World Cup (2017). He will always be grateful to Soumyajyoti Choudhury, Saba Nayakan, Taz Uddin among others for their constant support and guidance.

    Sayan Biswas, who also does the commentary job with finesse, idolises legendary commentator Tony Gregg. Being a youth icon, let’s read what adolescent minds have to say about him. He refuses to settle down. He is restless. Since lockdown (coronavirus pandemic) has thrown life out of gear, he badly misses his theatre days. This July 21, he sadly wrote on his Facebook wall: “I am Badly missing Theater Life, Our Rehearsal, Stage, Light, Set, Music #MissingU”.

    As Sayan Biswas is a youth icon, let’s read what some brilliant and talented individuals have to say about him. They have either worked with him or have been associated with him.

    Somshikha Mazumder:

    Sayan Biswas is an institution for me. He is helpful, dedicated, hard-working, and determined. His ‘never-say-die’ attitude despite facing obstacles in life is his best part. He is my power, my strength, who boosts me to attain goals. Sayan Biswas is a successful journalist, director, theatre activist, singer, and writer. He leads his music band ‘Dolchhut’ and theatre groups ‘Ajker Projonmo Theatre Group’ and ‘Bibartan Theatre Group’. He is my gurudev. We share a great bond. There are people who poke me as I call him a gurudev. He has been mentoring me since 2015. He understands me more than my family. I find him by my side always.

    To be honest, sometimes I feel so disturbed by his careless nature. When I see having so much knowledge, he does not bring it out. He has written a book that comprise four stories, but he never publishes it. The name of the book is Songkolika, where he has penned down some beautiful love stories. He is a complete package of motivation for me. We started working from the days of ‘Ajker Projonmo Theatre Group’ (he is the director of the group). He has been credited with several awards as best director frequently. He is also the recipient of the best chorus buildup director in All India level Drama Competition. His awards motivate me. He knows the vibes of today’s youth and tries to understand them and guide them. He helped me to develop my personality. He is a youth icon.

    Subhan Das:

    Sayan Biswas’s name strikes a chord in my heart. I was probably in the third year of my Tabla course when I heard about his music band ‘Dolchhut’ from my Tabla teacher. The name of his band strongly reminded me of Nachiketa’s song. ‘Dolchhut’ in fact inspired me to form my group. A few days later, I met him in Hailakandi. I do not know why, but he pulled me aside (from a drama workshop) and introduced himself. I could not comprehend how could someone manage so many things (‘Bibartan Theatre Group’, ‘Ajker Projonmo’ and ‘Dolchhut’). He took me to his music band. His contributions to my life are unparalleled. I think it will be impossible to find out another Sayan Biswas.

    Anurupa Bhattacharjee:

    If I am to describe Sayan Biswas in one word, it would be ‘helpful’. He sincerely wants to help others. He is genuine in his efforts in helping others. Call him at any point in time, you will find him. He has always helped me. As a journalist, he knows a lot, but he will never blow his own trumpet. As far as I know him, he did not formally study media, journalism, and mass communication, yet his knowledge, experience, and wit make him a winner. Experiences have taught him many things. He is full of knowledge. Sayan Biswas is down-to-earth, humble. The best part is that he never boasts or feels proud of his achievements and popularity. He is a well-known figure in the entire valley of Barak. His energy, time management, and division of work–exemplary. He knows how to use time. He keeps himself busy among sports, sports reporting, and cultural activities (street dramas, workshops, anchoring writings, organising Durga Puja). It will be difficult to find someone like Sayan Biswas. I have learned a lot from him. I wish him all the luck.

    Tanmoy Acharjee:

    Sayan Biswas is one of the few young individuals who have almost single-handedly inspired and encouraged our generation (young generation) to take part in the theatres, plays, and dramas. He is a beacon of hope for the cultural spectrum and for all the youth of Barak Valley. He has contributed a lot to the cultural affairs in Barak Valley. His ‘Dolchhut’ has earned name and fame across the state of Assam, in the entire northeast region and even in Bangladesh. Apart from these things, he is a principled person. He is full of knowledge, an extremely inspiring person. He gets no fund for theatre workshops, yet he conducts them (sometimes with his own pocket money). Though I am the founder of Hailakandi’s ‘Bibarton Theatre Group’, his contributions can never be forgotten. Sayan Biswas has been guiding and directing our plays, which have earned us both awards and recognition. He is also a fine cricketer. We need more people like him here. He is like a ray of hope for us. His presence itself is enough to inspire and encourage the youth.

    Anupriya Deb:

    Sayan Biswas, a man I have always respected and also have been inspired from many times. His hard work and enthusiasm make me like him even more.

    Sweta Roy:

    Forget nepotism or favouritism, Sayan Biswas is a person who seldom gives undue importance to his close friends and relatives. He has a habit of helping those whom he does not know that much. We love him for this quality. One will never hear a ‘NO’ from him. I came here 5 years back in Silchar was not then my city. But because of him, the city has become my own. He took my hands and introduced me to the world of culture and entertainment, at least in Silchar. He guided like a genuine friend, philosopher, and elder brother. I had little knowledge of Silchar. He helped me in shaping my career in the world of theatre. Whatever I am today, it is only because of him. I call him Dadabhai (though we are not brothers and sisters by blood). I am proud of that. He never stopped me from dancing, singing, or even acting. In fact, his constant guidance inspired me to achieve whatever I have achieved till date. Sayan Biswas is a straight-forward person, he does not hesitate to call a spade a spade. Anyone interested in knowing Silchar/wishes to be a part of Silchar. He is there to help you. His acting, directing, and writing skills are incomparable. He is the reason why the youngsters are seen more in theatres here. His writings inspire a lot. There is freshness, feelings, emotions, and liveliness in his writings.

    Aritra Dhar:

    I used to hear his (Sayan Biswas) name. I once saw him taking part in a street drama (Chowrangee, Ambicapatty, Silchar). It mesmerised me. In fact, my father used to praise him a lot. I saw, read, and came to know about him. It attracted me a lot. Thanks to Facebook, we got in touch with each other. My dream-come-true moment came when he directed me and others for a street drama on the eve of May 19 (Unnishe May). I did a street. I do not know what he saw in me; he took my hand and gave me platforms to showcase my talent. Sayan Biswas helped me to hone my skills. My first drama under him was conducted at Public School road. It was by ‘Ajker Projonmo Theatre Group’. Seeing my preparation on the last day of the rehearsal for the drama, he told me I could not perform on stage in front of the audience. We were to stage the drama the next day. The next day, during the play, I almost forgot my lines. I grew too nervous. However, I exited and made a comeback, this time with more confidence, power, energy, and positive vibes.

    Sayan Biswas, after the play, hugged/embraced me tightly in appreciation of my performance. It was a big moment for me. I broke down, I cried, it was an emotional moment for me. His leading skill is exemplary. I am blessed to have him in my life. He can get angry, but he will hurt no one. He scolds only those people whom he loves. He wants to make all perfect. I have worked under him. I received the best-supporting actor award (for his drama ‘3010’). He believed in me and gave me the role to play. There were people who told me I could not perform the role with finesse. He is helpful, lovable, and above all affectionate. He is a man of an ‘immediate solution’. He helped me a lot while my father had been keeping ill. He is more than a relative to me. We share a soulful relation. Sayan Biswas wrote about me on social media before the Assam University Students’ Union elections. It was another big moment in my life. He forces no one to act like he does (or like he shows). He provides ample chances to improvise and excel.

    Arindam Goala:

    Sayan Biswas is a person who never hesitates to help others. His expertise in cinematography, direction, photography, script-writing among others amazes me. He is a wonderful guy to work with. He treats me as his younger brother. He is humble and hard-working.

    (This article has been written by our Guest Correspondent, Mr. Shanku Sharma)

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