What would be the Nuances of Life after Corona? : Ruparna Dhar

    To be very direct, keeping everything in mind, we ought to give up the idea of life after coronavirus and make terms of life with corona. Coronavirus may never go away, even with a vaccine and medicine. Scary and experts say humans should learn to live with it like HIV or chickenpox. Quite a formidable proposition — a virus tinged world without a foreseeable end. But hold on there, don’t lose hope. They say history repeats and let me remind you something about the well-know WORLD WAR ll. It was tragic, deaths and losses but by the end of it, the world had been reduced to ruins. The lacerations of the massive loss of life and the experiences of shared suffering provided the leaders with an opportunity to ponder and rebuild our world. It laid the foundation for the United Nations in 1945, the International Court of Justice in 1946, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The creation and acceptance of these international institutions were a major step for the world was moving towards upholding universal standards for development, peace, and equality. A much significant input to mankind.
    Similarly, this pandemic happens to show the world some of the bitter, dark colors of life but its never late to learn. This might lead us to another end of the tunnel which takes us to the light of transformation. The ongoing threat from COVID 19 that the world is facing today might sow similar unalterable seeds of transformation. Across the globe, this outbreak is causing considerable human suffering and not just by causing the disease. We often hear about poverty and desolation of the laborers, so many cases of depression, divorce, and much more. But there are no negatives without the positives.
    Already the attention of the public towards health care services and demand for betterment has increased. These steps taken to contain the pandemic will not only impact the world through the healthcare sector but by the economics, education systems, digital tools, personal freedom – of our life as well. Even if we compare this with similar outbreaks, we would realize that the leaders and the public were determined to learn from the experiences and bring a change. One of the reasons why Taiwan and Singapore have contained the impact and South Korea and Japan has been able to flatten the curve is due to their learnings from managing the SARS.
    People always knew that digitalization is the future but never really became a part of it out of comfort and respect for traditional methods. It’s today that we see even small Kirana shops are also trying online, the toddlers are not just playing on their tabs but also learning. We know and adapted digitalization for the best. There would be more of such minute but significant changes. What they will be exactly? We still don’t know. But surely the world will finally emerge out of the crisis, and as former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel famously stated, one should “never let a good crisis go to waste.”
    The five years from now gonna be a completely different scenario than what we imagined 5 years back. 65 days of self-isolation and I am convinced that we gonna have a new world with this virus. Its gonna reshape and balance a lot of things. If people considered any of the major past occurrences a new chapter, this my friend is a new book!
    Now let us wait to see what’s there to read
    Till then, take care 🙂

    Author’s intro – Ruparna Dhar from Silchar Assam. A published author of the book My Imagination.

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