Vlogger Nabarup Dutta’s Tadka Vlogs, a romanticised view of foods and places : Shanku Sharma

    Meet Silchar’s Nabarup Dutta, a young, promising, energetic and enthusiast food and travel vlogger (video blogger), who is making all efforts to show us all the famous and delicious foods and famous places and destinations in Silchar. This new generation vlogger Nabarup Dutta post videos of some of the most lip-smacking dishes as well as important places in and around Silchar. He films himself explaining the surroundings, the places, the dishes and its menus among others.

    Though he is new to this vlogging world, his vlogs (Tadka Vlogs on YouTube), have been able to garner around 900 subscribers (he launched Tadka Vlog last year in the winter of November) with a simple aim to introduce some good things in Silchar. Nabarup says, “for a global reach, the contents will be in Hindi, English, Bengali and Assamese.” All his vlogs are full of useful information for food lovers and travel-buffs. They mention which dishes are to be enjoyed where.

    The vlogs:

    His ‘Weekender 2019—the greatest music festival of northeast Day 1’, one of his first vlogs, garnered around 500 views. It was filmed to provide a complete guide for visiting Bacardi Weekender 2019 from Silchar, Festive Hills, Jowai, Meghalaya. It was crisp and enlightening. From then, there has been no looking back for him.

    Likewise, his second vlog on the weekender also had an encouraging number of viewers. Inspired and excited by the views and the comments, Nabarup made it to Tapatpur Water, Dholai in Cachar district and food tour of Sumit Tandoor Dhaba, Natunbazar in the district of Cachar. The 13 minutes and 04 seconds video ends on a delicious note as he relishes tawa roti, butter paneer, chana masala, and dal tarka. Now all know about Dolu (in Cachar district) and its famous Mahalaxmi Resort.

    The genius of Nabarup Dutta can be seen in this video as it presents the resort in its entirety in just 8 minutes and 20 seconds. It is his smart way of presentation, which makes the vlogs more attractive, catchy, and interesting. All his videos are detailed, fun-filled, and above all informative.

    His latest offering (28th vlog) to his viewers is a trip to Matichora (Kumbhirgram, Salganga), a beautiful place in the lap of nature. He films the video from the journey to Matichora. The exotic locales, the scenic beauty, fresh, clean and green Matichora coupled with Nabarup Dutta’s pleasant presence and presentation makes his latest vlog a feast for the eyes.

    Nabarup Dutta’s mannerism, body language, and presentation from vlog 1 to vlog 28 have been pleasant, attractive, and above all enlightening. He visited the place (Matichora) a few days ago and fell in love with its natural beauty. “When everyone is getting bored at home, they can visit this place to refresh their minds,” wrote Nabarup Dutta on his Facebook wall (Tadka Vlogs) as a teaser.

    Meet the vlogger:

    Nabarup Dutta, born in the year 1986, always nurtured the passion of doing something like this (vlogging). It is his sheer passion, which made him launch his own YouTube channel. “I always wanted something like this in my life. I just wish that I can carry on with my passion. I want people to know more about Silchar and its urban and rural areas, and Cachar district and its remote villages and beautiful getaways. Foods in Silchar taste heaven and I want people to know which dish/food item to consume where.”

    He is married to Anupriya Deb.

    (This article has been written by our guest contributor Mr. Shanku Sharma)

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