UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!!! : Debotri Das

    I know this man
    Who is dear to my heart
    Suddenly one day
    It was torn all apart

    You held my hand
    When I was small
    You gave me love
    And touched my life

    Could you come back
    And stay a while
    I want to hear your voice
    And see you smile

    I want to hold u tight
    And never let you go again
    And tell you how much
    I love you

    And everytime I think of u
    My heart still fills with pride
    Though I will always miss you
    I know you are by my side

    He is gone now
    It is hard to believe
    This man is my dad
    Whom I will never see again

    In laughter and in sorrow
    In sunshine and through rain
    I know you are watching over me
    Untill we meet again!!!

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