The Blind Bee Game

    “Didi, it’s your turn now!”, I shouted just as I took off her favourite long orange scarf from my eyes. I loved using it to cover our eyes while playing ‘the blind bee’. She didn’t like doing that of course, but again, she loved me too much to refuse it. She was 11 years older than me. And looked exactly like the girl I read about in kindergarten, “chubby cheeks, dimple chin; rosy lips, teeth within; curly hair, very fair” and tall too.
    A very calm, caring, responsible person she was. She excelled at painting and made two paintings of me too. She being a book worm, I got to hear a story every night. No less than Mumma she was to me.
    I enjoyed coming back home from school on Tuesdays and Fridays as on those two days she picked me up for her college classes used to get over by the same time as mine.
    The funniest part about her was how she cried while watching emotional movies and finish a whole big bowl of potato chips alone, and then laugh at herself.
    Anyways, when her turn came, she had to sit down for me to tie the scarf over her eyes. I tied, turned her around and as usual she murmured, “My eyes are closed but my dreams are open. Ready to fly, touch the sky. Filled with glee, O dear! come with me…” I miss her words.
    (alarm buzzes…) Oh! It’s 6 p.m., I have a tennis match tonight. This is how I remember her everyday. A short refreshing nap. It’s been 3 years now that she had left us after meeting a terrible car accident. Death might have been so pleasing to her that she forgot me.
    I don’t play ‘blind bee’ anymore now. Also, I have grown taller and I often wear her long orange scarf because it smells like her. I also wear her favourite pink hoodie and use her golden brooch too. They make me feel her presence, love, and strength with me. Today I miss her so much. All that I do for her is wish her every night from my little balcony “May you live happily in the world of stars. See you someday!” .

    Thoughts evinced ~ Simran Paul.

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