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Reviving the Far Gone Days

With every passing decade, the human population has only deviated more and more from their old patterns of life. As the race advanced forth towards science and development, lives became drastically busy and awfully materialistic while the old touch of nature and family time became a thing, underrated.

But nature has its own harmonising schemes to revert us back to a soulful living. With the emerging crisis of global pandemic, we identify ourselves in a state of acceptance to our social seclusion with resignation.

With the ceased rush from the diurnal line up, we circle back the vintage curricular of the preceding epoch, reinvolving into activities like kite flying, stargazing, home gardening and cooking.

The evening sky which conventionally embraced isolation for decades with sporadic visit of birds, now stands redecorated with a colourful array of kites ornamenting the blue. The tradition has been revived, the eyes which otherwise remained glued to the mobile screens, now smile at the sky with happy hearts as the kites climb higher into the void.

Where the night sky, embedded with shining pearls and the silver luna, now flaunts it’s magic to an audience, families now sit at their terrace and admire the magnificence. Children for whom love meant gifts, are now aware of a different definition, a definition that involves stargazing with family.

Board games which remained an exclusion during the hectic schedule, are now re-establishing their imprints into the hearts, uniting families. The family story time has now returned and the elderly along with the children now get to participate in fun, leisure discussion.

The genius of literature, nobel laureate Pablo Neruda in one of wonders “Keeping Quiet” said
“It would be an exotic moment
without rush, without engines,
we would all be together
in a sudden strangeness.”
This period of inactivity has truly left us all together and brought us bounty offerings from the vintage days.

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