Martial Artist from Silchar, Pallav Chakraborty in new motivational video ‘SWAYAMBHU’

    Martial Arts Trainer from Silchar, Mr. Pallav Chakraborty has recently released a motivational video. The video, titled SWAYAMBHU, has the tagline “Your limitation-it’s only your imagination”.The video has been presented by Pixelpoint in association with JKD Silchar. It has been directed by Mr. Pranab Seal. The cinematography has been done by Mr. Raj Kar, Mr. Akash Dey and Mr. Panna Nath. The editing of the video has been done by Mr. Mrinal Dhar.

    “JKD_Silchar” a premier martial art training center established in 2017 by Mr. Pallav Chakraborty had taken the initiative of providing free self defence training programs for girls since 2019. Mr. Pallav Chakraborty , black belt 1st Dan from Jeet Kune Do started the institution with a dream to make martial art into a daily routine for each and every youths of this valley. Since the case of women harrassment is in rise since last few years , he thought of providing free martial art training for the women & girls and thus stated his centre at Subhasnagar, College road Silchar. Mr. Pallav Chakraborty has also obtained Black Belt from Wing Chun Kung Fu.

    The video featuring Mr. Pallav Chakraborty can be watched below :