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James Anderson’s 600 wickets milestone has a more interesting story behind

James Anderson, born on 30th July, 1982 in the town of Burnley, Lancashire is arguably the best swing bowler in modern cricket. He made his debut in the international cricket for the English side on 15th December, 2002 in an ODI against Australia at Melbourne and ended the match with a respectable figure of 1/46 from the six overs he bowled. A surprising tidbit of information, he actually made his international debut before making his County debut, which he did in 2003, showing the immense talent this young lad possessed to even impress the National side selectors even before he was tested in the domestic league.

In spite of being immensely talented, he was still considered too soft and too inconsistent to be a top-shelf bowler in early few years of his international career. And during those inconsistent years, the England coaching management decided to tinker with his bowling action which further degraded his already poor run of form. However, eventually sensible thinking took over and he returned to his natural action and thus gaining in confidence and also polishing his already masterful ability of swinging the ball, and in all fairness he has been a feared force among the batsmen since late 2007.

On the 25th of August, the 5th day of the 3rd test match between England and Pakistan, Anderson achieved a feat thought to be impossible for a fast bowler to achieve, the milestone of picking up 600 wickets in international test cricket; he did so in 156 test matches at an impressive average of 26.8. The thing which makes him even more lethal is his sheer confidence in his abilities, which was on display when a reporter asked him in the post-match interview about whether he attempts to achieve the next 100, and he casually replied, “Why not?”

He is one of the last few of a dying breed in the world of cricket and the sport would be a little less interesting when he decides to hang up his boots.

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